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Free Soul 31st Jan 2011

The earlier poems are in the page above.

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @


lost in dark embrace
shining through the cloud
wind blows away veil

Sharmishtha basu

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week is


a traveler to the land of dreams
faeries come every night
down to his eyes by the stairs
stretched by moonbeams.

his awaken fingers capture that
land filled with sweetest dreams
trees of gold, emerald leaves
rivers of molten crystal, sapphire sea.

sometimes his heart reflects on canvas
sometime it expresses itself on sheet
his dreams take wing through colours
or by words they take their wings.

call him a poet, a painter or someone else
to me he is messenger of dreamland
a dreamer with blessed fingers
that can capture his dreams on canvas or paper

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is “Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality”

I will love to take a little advantage this time and add another fellow blogger’s voice with this beautiful sound “peace” :

Let there be peace

soft calm water spreading
just like a crystal sheet
from your feet to horizon
where it kisses the blue….

oh that sweet breeze
that blows across it
first kissing its calm self
then spreading that to you.

don’t pick up that pebble
it means nothing
that gesture can be shunned
that impulse is easy to control.

think how it will distort
this crystal clarity to muddy
don’t give in to that impulse
let peace rule all around us.

Sharmishtha basu
29 .1.11

This is just adding my small voice to the others chanting the same words “Let there be peace- all around us”.

Imagine a life, when we will live in a society where natural pain will occur but no pain will occur because of human cruelty, violence.

Oh how I look forward to that society- lets work toward it.

After all, we make the society. Lets all hold each other’s hand and just like Jamie ( said in her blog “be peace”.

Check out this lovely post and lets all join her-

the theme this week is “splendour”
the venue:

dazzling gold torrent
exploding from a volcano
a killer splendour

sharmishtha basu


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66 thoughts on “Free Soul 31st Jan 2011

  1. A wonderful poem that models how each one of us can control our impulses to keep the peace. Thank you, Trisha, too for showcasing the “Would You Blog for Peace” connection.

  2. Man’s nature is not to make peace, it’s something we have to desire and act upon with no ulterior motives. Sadly, many have not figure that out yet.

    On the other hand, those that have that desire and act upon it, GOOD FOR YOU. 🙂

    Throw a pebble in the water and see its ripples. The reason behind the toss pebble will help in what it is we want.

  3. Both are amazing, but the first one is really sweet and my type of poetry! Thanks fr sharing! Happy day Trisha!

  4. As I said when I first read this post, I liked the peace poem very much. Let’s hope we will all find it and the world will too. Thanks for the link!

  5. 1000/100 marks for killer splendor 😀
    rest all are as usual wow :))

    Reading you i wonder how you get so much time to read the blogs .. trust me, i have to make a run to even check the comments at times 😦
    so a biiig thank you for always remembering my page and linking too.. Its a pleasure to resd you 🙂

    god bless !

  6. I love how you described the painter and his work, Trisha. Beautifully done as usual. Also enjoyed your “Disclosure” and splendor haiku. You are so good at these!

    I join with you in your poem for peace. I visited that beautiful site too and added my voice there.

    1. So very true, lets first start with resisting the temptation to throw pebbles- then slowly the peace will become stronger i believe, strong enough to resist boulders.

  7. Oh Trisha… the dreamer poem is so so beautiful… and it really resonates with me… (sigh)… the thoughts you have put in there bring such wonderful images to mind… it’s really romantic and lovely!
    The haiku you have written is a gem!!!

  8. Trisha, I’m sorry to be so late in visiting these…it’s been a crazy week. You are so prolific but without sacrificing quality. Your work always brings me a smile and feeling of joy. I love your response to both prompts…carefully thought out. Thank you for your support, your wisdom and beauty.

    1. Thanks a lot Victoria. I write so much that i sometimes fret about the quality (not much) – my muse just wants to write more and more- if it was in her hands then i would have been writing all day.

  9. oh my.. what an imagery that.. killer splendor in gold.. very different! 🙂

    u had asked for template suggestions that’ll enable u to retain ur banner na? I gave it in that 20th Jan, Free Soul post.. 🙂 you may have to reload that banner if it doesn’t come automatically in the other suggested templates 😀 cheers!

  10. you got me thinking… i’m so quick to pick up that stone that calls to me to find it’s meaning. but you are right in that as soon as i pick it up and try to find meaning, it all changes and the beauty of the moment changes to a little chaotic. “clarity to muddy”.

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