Morpheus (26.6.11)

The diamonds burn
In the ebony velvet
A sickle moon fights the dark
Night weaves her magic stole
To cover the earth below
Morpheus wins all.

Sharmishtha basu

THE RIVER (FS 20.6.11)

The placid river flows,
The boat glides on gently,
Trees clustered on either bank
Watch expectantly
For a miracle to be,
In this hushed witchy hour

Sharmishtha basu

Nothing concrete happens

True leaders!
Where have they gone?
Those that liberated,
Those that uplifted
Those that lifted up
Brothers from chains,
Erased their pain;
gave them a true life.

These days,
Or as far as I can look back,
All I see is promises,
that sometimes come true a bit,
mostly not,
get submerged in the crushing waves
of greed, lethargy, opposition,
nothing concrete ever happens.

Sharmishtha basu

a hidden promise

oh kolkata!

Pearldrops on forehead
Cascading down below
A salty, sticky sweatfall
Oh the miseries!
Of the scorching summer days
In all stuffy Kolkata,

Sharmishtha basu

A hidden promise

A soft insinuation,
A crafty invitation
To everlasting love
A walk in heaven’s garden
Ends in thorny dry sands.

Sharmishtha basu

A brook

from the hill
a gurgling brook falls
in valley
lovely green
it picks up grace after fall
and freedom from pain

Sharmishtha basu
1 .1.11

This is the collection of poems that has been already posted in the blog “Free Soul”

This post gets redecorated every week atleast twice. The old poems and pictures are removed and new ones posted in their place for PPL and TRP.

PPL – Poetry Pot Luck is held at


TRP- Thursday Rally for Poets is held at

My sweet friend Gayle ( said that she was looking for an old poem of mine, that’s when this idea came to me, in place of completely removing them from blog I started to post them here in ascending order of date. Specially for sweet readers like her interested in re-reading my poems.

Those who want to see the latest poems of TRP and PPL can check them in:


when I think of freedom
my wings start to flutter
all I can dream
an endless blue sky to soar.

no chains no cage no prison
can keep me in
I am made for free flying
with or without pain

poetry potluck

Binky’s revenge

Evil monster binky
acting by the demon rules
decided to seek revenge
by vilest set of rules.

acting by the demon rules
he decided to avenge
his darling sister pinky
destroyed by another monster.

he decided to avenge
wrongs done to one
by wrongs done to another
just to avenge his sister.

wrongs done to one
wrong done to another
he settled each and every score
on the other monster’s sister.

wrong done to another
innocent harmless soul
opened doorway to hell
binky marched in there to dwell.

Sharmishtha basu


easy and tough

A small spark starts a fire
its such an easy task
a child can do it playfully
a miscreant to bask.

it takes tender care
firm determination
brave soul and power to dare
to keep alive the illumination

absolutely free

I open my eyes slowly
relish the world around
stretching in bed lazily
I reach out to touch the ground.

no hurry, no worry for any thing
no bondage, no timetable for me
its such a beautiful feeling
to be absolutely free.

Sharmishtha basu



I saw someone last night
sitting under the star studded sky
a mysterious being dark as night
yet she held all the hues of dawn sky.

I could see every thing swirling
earth, water, fire, air, light
all elements were unfurling
themselves inside her; Oh so bright.!

I sat down before her with folded hands
my heart was filled with happiness
she reached out and touched my hands
my heart became happiness.

she smiled at me and softly uttered,
“Don’t bow before me! I am You!”
saying these words she disappeared,
“Don’t bow before me! I am You!”

Sharmishtha basu


shine brightly

shine brightly in the sky
spreading your glorious light
dispel darkness from earth
let the birds of light fly.

spreading your glorious light
spreading sunshine and warmth
let them touch every single mite
dwell in every heart and hearth.

spreading sunshine and warmth
let all the earth come alive
make every living thing live
embracing this beautiful warmth.

let all the earth come alive
ringing with laughter and cheers
there should be no place for tears
let the joy of living revive.

ringing with laughter and cheers
human soul should embrace life
help them in forgetting tears
make them love this lovely life.

Sharmishtha basu


the earth swirls under my feet
my fingers reach out
to touch the farthest star
to conquer every corner
of this universe and beyond
it flies in leaps and bound
galaxies and stars bow head
as my soul leaps ahead
to meet the end of universe
to conquer unconquered universe
it laughs in the sunlight
smiles in moonlight
it dances in rain fall
sways in snow fall.

Sharmishtha basu


the journey

The angel of clouds drops
A shining white pearl
The pearl softly drops
As ocean breeze swirl.

A shining white pearl
reaches blue mountain crescent
as ocean breeze make it swirl
it momentarily stops descent.

reaches blue mountain crescent
it continues its journey yonder
relishing every second of descent
its heart is full of wonder.

it continues its journey yonder
through the rocks, trees, bushes
the white mist rolls down yonder
the pearl drop in its journey rushes.

through the rocks, trees, bushes
across the golden sandy beaches
the pearl drop happily rushes
soft white foams kiss ocean beaches.

Sharmishtha basu


moon and sky

Old moon rises in sky dark blue,
Stars show up one and two;
A silver crescent on azure hue,
Glittering diamonds twinkle too;
Every night but one it glows,
Just one night in month it sleeps;
So many shapes it takes and shows,
On moonless night the sky weeps;
Missing her constant companion,
Her tears drop as crystal dew;
Aching for the reunion,
Moon shows up fresh and new;
This happens once in thirty day,
They stay away for just one day.

Sharmishtha basu

Riding on a cloud

Riding a cloud
of blue green red butterflies
I realize freedom.

Sharmishtha basu


seven deadly sins @

Sin- what a tricky scene!
Read so many times
in so many places
bout various types of sin!

my gullible heart mocks me
when I try to utter the word
my mind promptly questions me
when I spell the S word.

“Is it not envy my dear?
When you envy nightingale?
Is it not pride my lady fair?
When you refuse to fail?”

“what is it but gluttony?
when you soak your body, soul;
with the sweetest symphony
or the warmth of softest wool?”

“Is it not lust my lady?
When you crave for the chocolate?
it is not an essence for body,
hence shun it before its too late.”

“Anger forever boils in you hard
whenever injustice you see
is it not bad old greed?
when you long for a trip to Sea?”

“I will call it sloth my dear
when you quickly walk past the door
behind which you know are standing
God, poor, needy or grieving.”

After hearing enough preaching
from my heart, mind and soul
I decided to adapt old teaching
of practicing seven virtues whole.

I stopped fretting over and counting
every thing that’s sin or not
I decided I will do some mending
by practicing the virtues angels sought.

God has balanced the balance-sheet
by seven beautiful heavenly deed
faith hope, charity and fortitude
justice, temperance, prudence sweet.

I decided to fill up my days
with as much as possible with them
so not much place is left behind in them
for seven or seven hundred sins.

Sharmishtha basu



sunshine and gold
blue sky with scattered pearls
green carpet below

Sharmishtha basu


Golden birds

Golden birds fly
I ride on their wings
to kiss silver moon

Sharmishtha basu


love and romance

soft pure fragrant
so very demulcent
like soft balmy wind
soothing and kind
under scorching sun.

its not a light lambent
it’s a flame incandescent
that glow luminous
in hearts amorous
till death parts them.

Sharmishtha basu



nightingale sings
in the pre dawn darkness
her music pours out

Sharmishtha basu

Golden birds

Golden birds fly
I ride on their wings
to kiss silver moon

Sharmishtha basu


Halloween @

welcome to spookesville!

blanket of fog
descends on earth
your vision is frozen
all around you hear
cackling of witches
grunting of werewolves
your body is frozen
frozen breath
of beings undead
flapping of wings
swish of cloak
of beings unseen
freeze your body
choke your scream
midnight hour
skulking real close
come along
lets take a trip
in the dead of night
to the land of dead
goblins and ghouls
eagerly await
to wish you
happy Halloween!
welcome to spooksville!

Sharmishtha basu



nightingale sings
in the pre dawn darkness
her music pours out

Sharmishtha basu

soaring soul

blue sky is calling out
its time to spread my wing
lose my self let ME out
is how my soul is responding.

White clouds are sailing by
gentle breeze is blowing
tempting me to kiss the sky
let my soul do some soaring.

Sharmishtha basu


Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments @


full moon shines in the sky
witness of those moments
when your immortal love
blossomed in embraces
in soft, gentle kisses
in amorous sighs
when you were still alive
your bodies were still breathing.

full moon shines in the sky
witnesses these moments
when an emperor full of love
comes down from heaven
to meet his gorgeous empress
in the home he made for her
foreseeing this moment
when their bodies are sleeping.

they walk together hand in hand
like their bodies did in past
he shows her each and every room
of this beautiful palace
the palace he built
for their immortal love and souls
which were bound to return
looking for each other.

they exchange those loving glances
under the full moon’s light
for centuries the beautiful witness
of a love that never died
they walk in the garden
enveloped in each other’s arm
the whole world sleeps
the silver moon smiles.

never call it a tomb
or a lifeless structure
this is the earthly abode
of two heavenly creatures
if you don’t believe
come here on some moonlit night
may be you will catch a glimpse
of Shahjahan and empress Mumtaj.

sharmishtha basu


the cub

A soft wind caresses
the luscious green bushes
the fields of fragrant grass
gnarled mangrove trees relish the caress
a bird gently perches on a branch
its sparkling eyes catch a glimpse
a stirring in the underbrush.

A black and gold stripe lies supine
In a lazy slumber, hidden in grass
Her eyes half closed, half open
A tiny one sits on her soft belly
Glaring all around him fiercely
daring the world to mess with him first
Before touching his mother.

By Sharmishtha basu

free souls

white floats in green
no chains, no shackles, free souls
followed by trails

Sharmishtha basu


dreams @


In my mind you are vibrant
full of texture and life
just like a pretty butterfly
or a singing meadow lark.

I grab my pen, paintbrush
try to capture your beauty
suddenly you lose dimension
the life factor vanishes.

Sharmishtha basu

sharmishtha basu

I will thank “someone is special” @
for the sweet, kind words he said on my simple blogs. I felt absolutely pampered and spoilt.

Thanks Kavita, Amanda, Jingle and SIS for this spoiling post.


ready to fly

my tiny fledgling
is slowly spreading her wings
her tiny wings are ready to fly
to search the blue sky.

The blue sky beckons her
The cage is choking her
She wants to run wild now
To taste the sweet freedom now.

Her hours of freedom
Are counting more and more
Seldom is the scene
When she crosses cage’s door.

Soon she will fly away
Build her nest in wild
Leave the empty cage
Silent, bleak, missing her.

By Sharmishtha basu

free soul

breaking every rule
surpassing every blockade
crystal cascade falls

Sharmishtha basu
20 .12.10

For Poetry Potluck dated 20.12.10 (Monday)

Reflections are often
interpretations sometimes
lose the right direction
mostly don’t spill out
and create confusion
or may be chaos.
they add truth

Sharmishtha basu
20 .12.10

For Thursday Rally for Poets dated 23.12.10 (Thursday)

Reflections of light
on windows made of glass
the crystal captures
cheerful faces
gazing at themselves
musing at themselves
as they chatter and pass.

Souls through out the planet
rejoicing in the joy
the beautiful celebration
of light descending on earth
interpretation of God’s grace
His love for His reflections
that is so very deep.

Sharmishtha basu
20 .12.10


white starlight
messenger of divine
liberation of souls

Sharmishtha basu

For Monday Morning Writing Prompts dated 27.12.10 (Monday) a shardoma

vivid dreams

a lovely
dream comes true vividly
spreading hue
colours blue
red, pink, mauve and rainbow hues
soared in meadow green

Sharmishtha basu

Sensational haiku Wednesday (topic frost) @ 29.12.10


frost embraces her
barrier gets bejeweled
sparkles like a star

Sharmishtha basu

Poetry potluck dated 27.12.10 (Monday) @ festivals

Changing colours

changing colours of festivals
early memories
when festival meant celebration
happiness, fun, new dresses
gifts, crackers and treats
waiting all the year
for the hand-counted minutes.

slowly enjoyment takes backseat
spiritualism seeps in
crackers are replaced by hymns
fun, cheer and laughter watches
while deep sense of peace wins

then comes those days
when only the sense of well being
company of divine reins
all other feelings simmer down
festival becomes union with divine.

a satisfied soul sits with a smile
watches others enjoying things it did.

Sharmishtha basu

Thursday Rally for poets dated 30.12.10

Only God in heaven

The melodious strain emitting
from the hearts of human beings
in the form of carol, azan or hymns
flow like rivers of love
demolishing each and every barrier
to reach the deep, tranquil ocean
called by millions of names
some are God, Allah or Khuda.
Let every festival make our souls
reach out for that deep ocean
splashing in our very souls
embrace it with love and gratitude
for blessing us with so many colours
so many ways of remembering, loving
the only one God above in heaven.

Sharmishtha basu
27 .12.10


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      • thanks kevin. you like them that made them pretty to me too 🙂

        None of those paintings is opening in my browser! I tried to see them but all I am seeing is a white cross in a minuscule black box.

      • well it was a safe mode provided by the antivirus, now it is not working, yesterday after I logged out from here I tried for half an hour to open IE, then I luckily guessed that the IE in the antivirus platform was malfunctioning, it still is… its crashing window to be precise, will have to wait for my brother (the only person I allow to tinker with my computer) to return from his office tour, somewhere close to May! til then, I will keep my fingers crossed that the IE from outside will work, but it certainly botched up my last password, I had to reset it today a deja vu I hate!

      • Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE? Or installing another browser like Google Chrome?

      • I tried to listen to a song with windows media player, ofcourse had to install it first and right after that it started, so that dumb program must be the reason but my technical advisor is out of station! will return later, in end april 😦

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