Some times we forget to profusely thank the people who mean the most to us, people whose sheer presence makes our lives beautiful.

This page is dedicated to all my friends who are now a part of my life, and to those who are about to become so.

A lot has changed since Rahim ( and Jingle entered my life.

I am basically a workaholic, a person who can’t sit idle. Ever since I have started staying at home it has been a problem for me to do some thing which will satisfy me.

Then you all stepped in and my life transformed in a year. My creativity just spilled out. The level of satisfaction you all gifted me in last one year can’t be explained by words. You have given me wings and I am soaring in the seventh sky is the only appropriate way of explaining it.

Thank you all for being my sweet muses.

First of all let me start with jingle and thank our dear, sweet Jingle for bringing all of us together and creating an environment where we all work as each other’s inspiration.

She has created an environment which has worked wonder on my soul. She has given me priceless friends and muses.

Under this post I will share some blogs which really fills my heart with a sense of completeness or happiness whenever I visit them.

I read very limited blogs daily but they overwhelm me so very often, I then get eager to share with everyone about them, this will be my attempt to do the same.

First, just as all of you have assumed I will thank our sweet, dear jingle for Thursday Rally of Poets and her marvelous blogs. Those are terrific. Her poetry is like a tiny rivulet, jumping and dancing. The pictures which she selects to go with them are outstanding. Her sweet, encouraging nature and her extraordinary capacity to keep all of us together is beyond mere compliments. You have to be around her to know it.

Her personal blogs are:

Her masterpiece, the fantastic blog which reflects the superhuman capacity of this lady is here:



He is one of those poets who write one after the other masterpieces. None of his works are ordinary or mediocre, each and everyone of them is excellent.

His blog is an amazing collection of writing and pictures he creates by editing multiples pictures and adding his special touch thereafter.

Anyone who loves to read excellent poems must not miss his works.

He is one of his own kind!


Carol is one of those souls that touch everyone around them for better.

Her blog is filled with beauty and wisdom.

Her courage, patience and humility are exemplary, and that beauty of soul spills through her creations. Her life is nowhere nearby “easy” still that hardship, unfair harshness has not been able to reduce her beauty.

Her poems are amongst my favourite poems.



There are friends that enter our lives and change it forever. Noreen is one of those friends, people more precious than all the treasure in world.

Her blog is a amazing collection of wisest quotes and a fantastic EFT blog to help in physical, psychological problems.


John is a reader of my Form Poetry blog, window2mysoul; he is an amazing poet. Reading his blogs is a fantastic experience.

His posts are full of wit, humour and depth. They are funny and wise.

Those looking for a sensible, hearty laugh should not miss his blog.

Thanks for finding me in cyberspace.



His blog is an amazing combination of old wisdom and his own, modern wisdom.

His poems are fantastic, so is his sense of humour.

He is a wonderful, kind reader.
Reading him is immense joy.



You are one of my most treasured persons, and you know that. That’s the best part of our friendship. Your writing? What can I say about it? It has the depth of wisdom and beauty of a cardinal, soaring in sky, vibrant and beautiful.

I am a big fan of your nature poems, they are amazing.

I don’t know much about Zen so they sometimes don’t unravel themselves to me.

Your love poems are equally amazing. The ones you are writing these days are piece of true beauty.

Your friend and admirer.

P.S.: I am not the only one who adores your writings. With your books on shelves more fans are joining you.

May your books hit the bestseller chart soon!


I will so love to write the way you do!
When I talk about real world’s unfairness I lose temper and get enraged. You look at it mockingly and give it a form of a joke. I believe that’s the healthier way of looking at problems.
Your posts are a fantastic combination of reality, knowledge and humour.
Thanks a million times for finding me out in cyber world.

What can I say about Marilynn’s talents?

She is an amazing musician, poetess and photographer. She writes form poetries so expertly that I got tempted to writing a few of them. Once I started trying my hands on them I realized how talented she is.

Whenever I visit her blog and set my eyes on her first photograph the phrase that flashes in my mind is “What a photograph!”, and then my eyes fall on the next one.

She is huge hearted, sweet and generous friend, reader and teacher. She explains all the forms she tries vividly in her blog’s side bar.


Most of my friends are multitalented, so is Rebecca. She is an ace painter, an amazing writer and a fantastic poetess.

Her paintings are just awesome, so is her story telling and poetries.

She is an extremely generous being who shares the secrets of her paintings with all of us, that I know is a very rare trait in a creator. Most of us try to keep our processes secret.

Reading, visiting her blog is pure enchantment.



Your blog is music, paintings in words.

An amazing combination of splendid poetries- they sound like music and breathtakingly beautiful paintings you select.

Apart from them you are a fantastic painter and story teller.

Reading your blog is a musical journey.



What can I say about his poems? It will be like a bird singing praise of sun.
His poems are as versatile as colours in nature- everyone beautiful and fresh.
His poems reflect his kind and conscientious nature.
I have a special weakness for his “guess the movie” posts. They are amazing as poems, and when I tally them with the movies I have watched I can see how clearly they have captured its essence.


Rahim, my extremely generous friend with a heart of gold and pen of platinum; his gentle, kind inspiration were magical for me during my initial stage of blogging. He was always there, leaving a kind, gentle comment on every post I wrote.

His poems reflect a soul made of pure beauty. They reflect his amazing poetic talent yet they don’t subdue to beauty of their soul.

Such talents are truly rare.

It’s really sad that he has become irregular, hoping his full fledged return very soon.

Gayle is that unselfish, true friend any person will like to have. Any wise person will cherish and adore.

She is an amazing poetess, who will say she had nothing to do with Hinduism as religion and poems before a couple of years.

Her depth of poetry and knowledge in Hinduism, affinity towards India always warms up my heart.

She has given me so many priceless gifts, like her time, trust and affection plus the guidance and the courage to write Haiku- one of my greatest loves these days. God bless your sweet soul my friend!



Putting you in a small post is impossible. You are one of those persons who touch everyone for better.

Your blog works like a strong positive sphere to me. It keeps the hope up that there are quite a handful of people like you who care for those none cares for.

Every time I read your blog I come back with true feeling of well being. I would have loved to join your profession if I was allowed to (In India such organizations are very snooty when it comes to appoint people) or could get an organization that was genuinely interested in welfare of downtrodden, helpless.

You have a heart of gold and possess a golden pen too. Your poems are amazing. They are beautiful, deep and precious.

Wish you all the very best for your new venture, people like you are dearly required in this world of ours.


Dear friend,

Thanks for finding me in the cyber world or else I would have been missing an amazing human being.

A person with fabulous taste who dedicates his time to share the best gems of blogging world with all of us through his blog, it’s an amazing exception in blogging world, a world where everyone is eager to create own thoughts, creations, pain and laughter you spend your time appreciating, highlighting the works of others.

You remind me of those rich people who were the wind behind the creative sails of artists like Michelangelo, no one knows their names but Michelangelo would not have been a legend without them. That’s the harsh truth.

Thanks for picking up pebbles from my blogs. I wish I too could re-blog works of others, but my internet usage is very limited. So all I can do in return of your overwhelming kindness is say “Thank You” from heart.

Note: If you think it’s worth it please accept this humble gift and you are free to share it with your friends.





  1. Ciao Sharmishtha! I have to say that at this moment, 1:40 a.m., I am in the midst starting a project on That being said, allow me to make you the first recipient (whether or not the project gets approved!) of my 120 Random Acts of Positivity. For your ‘awesome’ comment for my blog’s Creative Spot page and your poetic generous-heartedness in your blog here, I give you 2 Random Affirmations:

    “You are so deserving to feel wonderful today!”

    So, “Smile, feel wonderful and know you are Awesome!”

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