“Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu”


Sharmishtha Basu is a prolific writer, digital painter, blogger, and current resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has written an astonishing number of poems, stories, and commentary on things Indian over the years. She authors and moderates at least sixteen blogs as of this counting. She has produced a wide range of images to illustrate her works, and has published at least twenty-six book-length collections of her writings and images to date.

With a fertile imagination and keen understanding of social issues in India and thereabouts, her writings encompass such genres as culture, politics, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and matters of the heart. She is the creator and moderator of the twin eZines, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, and continues her writing and painting unimpeded by those things that would discourage lesser creators of words and images.

She is currently keeps herself busy on hours of writing, reading, and creating evocative images. Tirelessly working on writing and painting projects, she spends much of her time immersed in music while painting, and it shows in the colorful results of her artistry, and writing with the music switched off.
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141 thoughts on ““Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu”

  1. Thanks for the comment on the wave picture.

    I see you live in semi solitude. I love to be alone so I can enjoy whats around me. I have had the pleasure of living on an Island where there are very few people and in the evening I am usually alone. That is when I do most of my painting.

    Your poems are very nice if you fined any painting on my site that go with your poems I would be happy to let you post them with them.

    Thanks George

    1. You are so blessed. i just love ocean in its glory. i can close my eyes and clearly see it rolling (even though i have seen it only twice). my dream has been spending my life in a deserted island. 🙂

  2. Golden Lotus of God’s Love….is it the telepathic connections that I have found you a couple of days ago…enjoy my love as I continue to shower you with positive vibes , love and prayers from God to continue your happiness..I seen your pics online…loved Kitso:)

  3. Golden Lotus of God’s Love…I can imagine her and your friendship with her..I love you both..try some more snaps on her if you can..enjoy my love:)*
    soulbro*continuance in your happiness always with God’s Love(+)

  4. Golden Lotus of God’s Love…it sounds like you need a plan B…maybe camouflage?…that is OK as long as she is contented and happy let her enjoy my love….:)

    1. dearest soulbro,
      she is really funny, sweet and cute.
      today i gave her biscuits and she did not ate. was yawning her heads off.
      she is scared to play, she is really a cute and funny cat.
      with lots of love.

  5. Golden Lotus of God’s Love..she knows right where to go for ease and comfort…she feels secure with you and that is why she has come to you…as God pointed her in the right direction also…..you love her and so do I…enjoy my love(+)
    soulbro*happiness from God to you and to Kitso as well my love

  6. Golden Lotus of God’s Love…was she around again today?…did she eat a biscuit?…bring a boyfriend?….cute:)..enjoy my love(+)

  7. dearest soulbro,

    till date she shows her cute little face atleast once every day, but she is slowly refusing biscuits..

    she has so many admirers.. she is so cute … i think all the tom cats in the locality think that, but she doesnot shares their views..

    their feline activities are quite cute to watch, yesterday she was sitting under my window when one of her admirers came.. the poor guy tried to be friend with her and she jumped up in the window.. 🙂

  8. Golden Lotus of God’s Love…she sounds like a bundle of joy and to capture her in video would even be more of a treat..but like you said about the pictures..she is way to modest for the cell phone camera let alone the silver screen…enjoy my love(+)
    soulbro* with a continuance of love and prayers for your happiness

  9. Golden Lotus of God’s Love…
    soulbro*wishing much love and happiness from God and myself always

  10. I love this poem you wrote about yourself. You are loving and compassionate. I wish you many blessings.

  11. hey trisha! sorry for dropping by your blog a little late.. =[
    i loved the simple way you described yourself in.. and the poetry is amazing too.. as always.. (:
    no matter which religion we follow, which part of the world we belong to, we are just the same humans with the same heart that feels the beauty around.


  12. you are the most beautiful soul I ever know,
    u treat people so nice,
    you are always caring and thoughtful,
    your words are full of wit and wisdom..

    Glad to know you.
    Be confident,
    enjoy yourself!

    1. thanks jingle. i feel the same way about you and lot of our friends. to me you all are beautiful, as beautiful as one can be.

      spreading sweetness and kindness all around you. the world needs it so much.

  13. Hi Trish,
    Thank you for participating in “How will you react?”…It wouldn’t have been a party without you…I appreciate your support and look forward to it as we make this event grow…Cheers!

    Btw…your intro is splendid!

  14. Hi Trisha – thought we should meet via this page… just to say thank you for all you supportive comments on my work and I admire the networking/blog community work you do… (and I like yr poetry too, of course).

    Warmest regards, my friend


  15. I sit amazed.. to have your introduction through a lovely poem.. it’s happy to be here.. so a Happy Hello to You… let us continue to practise happiness in this beautifully expanding world of thoughts..

  16. I like your intro — very inviting and warm.

    and thank you for dropping by my place today — I love the work I do and feel blessed to be able to be of service — and I agree — we need to work together and get our governments to do the same!

  17. Hi Trisha,

    You are a favorite of bloggers across the globe…:-) I guess, all good people are..:-) I have read SiS review of your blog which led me to your space…:-)

    It’s a beautiful blog, I surmise as beautiful and good-hearted as the owner.. 😉

    Nice meeting a wonderful poetess like you and hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship over Jingle’s place…:-)

    I wish to see your footprints soon in my humble space…:-)

    Have a nice day!


    Amity 🙂

  18. What do I hope? A permanent place in your heart
    So beautiful, my dear “average” Indian/Sister/Friend. I particularly cherish these lines below because they remind me of our friendship. Love, Sharie, and “average” Italian/American Grandma and spiritual seeker

    An entire life of friendship with you

    We will fly together forever, in the blue skies

    Full of love, peace and harmony everlasting

  19. A beautiful introduction, indeed. I admire your strength and passion for humanity, it clearly reveals in your poetry. Keep penning, friend. cheers.

  20. Your blogs are amazing and you have put the emotions in a beautiful way. You have a golden heart. Dear friend, God loves average people only, the one who have compassion and empathy.
    keep writting and expressing the love in whatever way it comes to you. Giving itself is a wonderful experince of receiving.

    1. you see the reflection of your own beautiful heart in others. i agree giving is a very beautiful experience and it sure gives back to us, deep joy.

      thanks for the beautiful words from a beautiful person i am glad that you liked my blogs. they are quite dear to me 🙂

      1. you are right, we only see manifestations of our thoughts around us. Its a pleasure for me to be in touch with you. Hope the journey hereon will become more beautiful.

      1. and thanks a lot for the liking spree. hahah! my blog is just 3 days old. you have 8 blogs? wow. do you even sleep? hahah. you’re prolific!

  21. Hi, how r u. i am sorry that i could not reply to your comments or posts, i had a severe eye infection so was off from laptop for many days. please accept my thanks for the concern.

      1. i am, i think the hard days are also part of life. being away for couple of things was also a bliss. but at the same time i wish it should not happen often.

  22. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read and like my post. I’m still an amateur blogger so it means a lot. 😀 I might read your poems sometime. I like poems.

  23. You are something so special. I hope life is better to you now, out of the honey pot. Many blessings.

  24. Hi.. Sharmishtha, Hope you are well. Sharmishtha i want to write a book on “recoveryhealth”™ so you take a tour of my recoveryhealth.me/ . My mission is to keep people away from medicine for health & beauty. Know about mission go to link recoveryhealth.me/mission/ . To my contact detail go to link recoveryhealth.me/contact-us/ . Tell me how we would work on this project. Have the best day. Rajesh…

  25. Hi Sharmistha. Shukriya for following Equinoxio.
    (Just in case) 🙂
    Have a lovely week.

  26. Hi there Trisha, glad you stumbled upon one of my posts. You´re a very good writer. So if you don´t mind I´ll be dropping by once in a while to do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves”

  27. I have seen you many different ways, and I see the new gravatar and i find myself delighted because I still love you all the same. You have always been a treasure to me dear sister! I was blessed when you became a part of my world…for all you do is always so very meaningful and inspiring! Thanks for the gift, and may your new week be special, and amazing…hugs and blessings to you Trisha!

  28. I love this page, and didn’t know you liked to be call Trisha. I shall try to remember. You have a lot of books out and soon I shall be reading your Spirits… book. I am just finishing up a book and I plan to read yours next. Glad I found this page… love your poem. From now on, you are my Empress Musie! 😀

    Thank you for all the catching up you did on my blog. I responded to all your messages to show that I did read them all. It was very much appreciated. I shall try to catch up on all your blogs in due course.

    Many blessings and may all of your works be a success! 🙂

    1. Believe me Kevin, try to pick up the blog you love the most and just browse through the others, your blog is an inspiration to us, Indies, you don’t know yet how much it is helping us!

      Actually I was quite allergic to my name before someone pointed me out the courage of the mythical character whose name it was, that some how made me accept it, as for Trisha, well it is fine with me, I picked it up myself but then I did not knew there is a superhit heroine in south india by that name, seems I have a tendency to pick up names that everyone else likes ;(

      1. You’re far too kind.
        I will probably call you all three names… on a whim, in fondness of course: Sharmishtha, Trisha, and Empress Musie. 😀

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