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free soul 8.5.11

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Daughters of forest

A strange drumbeat starts,
Your heeled feet ache to join
In that primeval dance
Performed in concrete wood.

Gracefully they sway
To the beat of drums
Black marble Venuses
Arms in arms they dance.

The red bloom in their dark hair
Sways and smiles in moonlight
Full moon is mesmerized in sky
As daughters of forest dance for him.

The sons of woods join in through drums,
Their bodies may shame Apollo or cupid,
Not a single muscle in wrong place
Creatures of beauty and innocent grace.

You sit there, your heels tapping
As your eyes soak their amazing dance
You walk away from the scene at dawn,
In your mind they always sway.

Sharmishtha basu

Santhals are a tribe of India, they have strong resemblance with African tribals. Their bodies are sculptures in flesh.

When full moon rises they dress up, adorn their hair with read palash flowers and dance to the beat of madals (drum). Women dance in a row, their arms wrapped around the waist of the person on either side.

Men play the madal. I have had the chance of witnessing this divine dance only once (in flesh); that magic will stay with me forever.

Just close your eyes and imagine, a group of drum playing in a exotic beat, a group of men dancing along with a group of laughing, merry girls, dressed up beautifully (both men and women have bodies chiseled out of black marble); the full moon spreading clear light on them.

I will later try to put a sketch of the girls dancing.

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is “dream, colours and rainbows”

One day I will reach that land!
Full of colours, dreams!
I will cross the rainbow bridge
To the end of never ending bliss.

Wait! I think I already made it!
Let me look around to confirm it!
That beautiful flower, sweet fruit,
Mellifluous strain of sparrow’s tweet.

Well I think I am already there,
I think now I see that rainbow bridge
The bridge that I crossed on the way
In the sky after rains sometimes.

Glad that I made it before I knew,
Let me love and cherish the view
That this planet has bestowed on me
Before I have to cross another bridge.

Sharmishtha basu

For haiku heights @ the theme this week is “poison”


greed ruined the world,
everything became poison,
you gulped it down!

Sharmishtha basu

There is a mythological story in Hinduism, there was a war between Gods and Demons, at the end of that war the whole world became poisonous. Shiva drank that poison and saved the world.

The story is huge, so I am bottling it to the least possible version, anyone eager can check “samudramanthan”, may be English version is in internet.

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @ the theme this week is “addiction”


Addiction is love,
Essence in milder form,
It makes life fun.

Sharmishtha basu

Those of you looking for some prompts can check “golden hair bear” this month. He is holding May Challenge in his blog and the prompts are fun. 🙂

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week “headline in newspaper, check the details in Victoria’s blog)”:

The story is here (I will try both story and poem whenever victoria will give me the chance):

and the poem:


It’s so easy to crush
The protest of people
Too poor to buy law
Too feeble to buy order!

Let’s strip them off
Once more in the name of nation,
Crush them to dust
And usurp everything they own.

By the time of next election,
Most probably they will starve to death,
If they still survived
Well may be we will offer them jobs.

Right now, the contractor is more precious,
He is the one, who will make us happy,
What can these farmers do for us?
Other than being the face on the poster!

Well, they look so alike any way,
In their rags and tattered clothes,
If these all die and are replaced
No one will even notice the change.

It’s a fashion in India to play games with environment, one of the games is destroying acres of cultivable land; it’s easy; the farmers are too poor to protest. All they have to do is throw them out of their own lands and usurp it.

Sometimes some good politicians join their sides but the land is rarely saved from destruction. By the time the protests start the land is already ruined. This arrogant highhandedness of administration is really repulsive.

I think severe punishments should be given to administrations that play game with environment.

sharmishtha basu