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a scorching day,
perspiration more than needed,
respiration almost impossible
living almost impossible
not a single leave stirred.

evening reaches, clouds gather,
dark, pitch black cloud rush in,
in a jiffy they cover the heavens,
with them they bring storm, thunder,
lightning flashes, thunders roll.

trees ache to lie down to ground
to escape pummeling of crazy gusts,
sometimes a splatter of hail
squealing kids run outside
gather under the mango trees.

Running hither and thither,
counting their green booties,
oh those tangy, sour mangos!
they return with kalbaisakhis,
so what if we no longer run to trees!

Sharmishtha basu

A poem by suzi in her poetry blog brought back the memories of childhood days. I never ate mangos but loved collecting them. Kalbaisakhi meant rushing out of the home and gathering the mangos ripped away by the vicious winds.

Kalbaisakhi is a storm that forms in the month of baisakh- the first month of bengali/ hindu calendar; that starts in mid april and ends in mid may.

This storm’s name roughly translates to deadly storms of baisakh- when the earth was not covered with skyscrapers, the ground was a little freer this storm used to cause havoc due to very high speed winds.

These storms have almost disappeared these days, causing a lot of tension for the environment experts.

Even twenty years back they were as regular as daily routine. Atleast ten of them showed up every year. Now they are rare visitors.


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14 thoughts on “kalbaisakhi

  1. Mango fruit is very tasty. I’d hate to have one of the hit me in the head in a storm! Wow! Your childhood was exciting. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings to you, Trisha…

  2. My book consists of a Tree becoming a Soul as that is its title as well…it was my teacher showing me the way to Soul…I still run to them as they are all around me on my mountain climbs…today did number 21 at Petersburgh Pass near Massachusetts..enjoy my Dearest Golden Lotus of God’s Love(+) 😉

  3. “trees ache to lie down to ground” – what stunning imagery, Trisha. I can just see the storm unravelling through your words.

    It’s truly scary the impact we’ve had upon the planet.

  4. Great description here, my friend, alive w/ the excitement of childhood. And, like Charles, I thank you for the information. Mangos mean Rio to me, but I have never seen them growing. Maybe next visit…

  5. Sounds similar to the big thunderstorms that we get here in Florida. Although they can come at just about any time of year here.

    Mangoes grow more in south Florida where I lived for several years. I miss being able to walk down the street and share in my neighbor’s abundant crop…

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