Free Soul 10.4.11

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Today’s post is for:

Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks) @

fairy and the frog

Golden fairy was playing
With her friends in lotus pond
They were sitting on louts leaves
Splashing the water with their tiny feet.

Crystal drops of water
Were skittering here and their
Just like drops of crystal
Flying around in air.

A little frog was watching
he fell in love with the fairy
he swam to the lotus leave
scrambled on it to meet her.

The fairy flew away
The moment she saw him
The tiny creature sat there
Shedding drops of tear.

The lotus asked him why,
Did he thought she will love him
They are not meant for each other
Nor will they ever mean to be.

“No matter how much you yearn,
How much you change, adorn
Your very body and soul
You will never be like her.”

“She will never love you
Your desire will turn in pain
Your union will be a ruin
So don’t fret my dear friend.”

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is “evolution, environment and survival”

out of nothing important we came into existence,
nature matched and mixed and gave us our place,
out of zero we came into our being,
we made a beautiful place for us,
but we forgot our debt to our mother,
if we are planning to leave this planet
we should leave it unchanged
leave it in the form it was bestowed on us.

For haiku heights @ the theme this week is “nigh”


soft is the sigh,
sounding in the spring breeze,
summer is nigh.

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @ the theme this week is “attention”


don’t you turn away!
answer my question!
where were your thoughts girl!

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week “flash fiction”.

“It’s not that I’m trying to keep it a secret. “
“It’s not clandestine—not exactly.”
“It’s just a harmless secret.”
“one like secret fetish for chocolates”
“even when they add another extra kilo”
“to my already too many extra kilos.”
“one of those harmless secrets..”
“that lie buried inside our hearts”
“and retire with us to our grave”
“undisclosed, undisturbed…..”

the flash fiction for victoria is here:

23 thoughts on “Free Soul 10.4.11

  1. out of zero we came into our being,
    we made a beautiful place for us,
    but we forgot our debt to our mother,………

    true, lovely expression, bless your heart.

  2. Trisha – you amaze me each time I visit … you are very talented and have a vividly delightful imagination! Awesome set of verses matching each of the prompts! Bravo!!

  3. Firmly believe in appreciating my roots and sowing fresh soil for those generations left to follow. Fondly remember both my Mom and Mother Nature as I travel through this life. So beautifully written. Inspiring and Talented!

  4. You have such a gift for fancy. Both poems are a joy to read. Happy Rally days …Happy Potluck … happy haiku days … Love the way you combine all.

    Thanks for a most enjoyable post.

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