Shubho Mahasaptami have a blessed Durgapuja

mahasaptami 2014 1.10.14 2


Shubho Mahasaptami- have a blessed Mahasaptami.

Today is the second day of Durgapuja, today’s specialty is Ghatpratishthha- have you been living in anywhere where Durgapuja is being held you would have heard the beats of drum and bell chimes before dawn, heading to nearest waterbody, preferably a river. They will return after seeing the sun, they have to finish the puja after seeing the sun.

If you were cute enough to take a peek outside you would have seen a group of men, a priest, dhaki (the drummer who plays the indian drum dhak) and another instrument Kansi (which is a tin plate like instrument and real torture if it is being played right behind you in the altar- take my word for it). They will be carrying the mangalghat, a clay pitcher adorned with bel/mango leaves and a coconut on the top and a banana tree wrapped in a red bordered white sari like a shy bride, that is the wife of Ganesha, kalabau.

This Mangalghat is the Goddess herself.

She comes on Mahasaptami and is surrendered to the river on Vijayadashami morning.

Want to know more? read here :

May all the blessings of the mother Goddess shower down upon you and your world, your loved one.

Love and hugs.

Sharmishtha Basu



Shubho Mahashashthi the durgapuja begins

mahashashthi 2014 30.9.14


Durgapuja begins today :)

After the Shashtikalpa in the evening the Goddess will come down to clay idols for four days, will breathe down here with us. :)

may all the blessings of the divine mother shower down upon you and yours.

lots of love.
It’s all in heart
the trust, the love, the belief
and sometimes
it fills up the air around you
in those moments
shun the skeptics
and lose yourself in divine.

Durgapuja is celebrated by followers of every religion in Bengal, I know about christians, muslims who wear new dresses during Durgapuja, those who offer pushpanjali (flower as offerings to the goddess) and participate in every manner, sometimes it is just time to give in and surrender yourself to beauty!

Those who want a little more taste of how it is held in traditional way can check this post in another blog of mine.

going for self publishing

Oh yes!

I am going for self publishing. The decision is made. I was already determined to publish a book of haiku+seven and a book of free form poetries. Courtsey Jukepop I will publish two books of short stories too. Before 2015 they will be out.

Enough fiddling around!

Honestly the thought that made me change my mind is my revered poet Tagore, all of a sudden I remembered that almost all of his poems were self-published in a press run by him if I am not wrong, at-least they were kept alive by that press till date, before the government got greedy by their selling and gave the copyright to everyone.

So, if Tagore has not self published I can have million rupee bet that most of his poems would have lost that “straight from heart” touch.

Thank God he did.


Yesterday when I was reading the comments about the glitch in wordpress something struck me.

There is no second thought about it, that wordpress is the best site for people who love to create- write, paint and share it with people who have time enough to read them and express their opinion. Sometimes become the very best friends.

Now, why is WordPress my favorite website?

I have tried MSN and Blogspot before. A gang of psychopaths from my real life troll me everywhere, i have with great disappointment discovered that they are very expert in google based things. My cellphone is saying the same thing because it is run by gmail based operating system. That is why I have stopped using internet on that, do it only to use the gmail account, answer mails and write mails.

MSN’s website’s problem was they did not allow you to moderate the comments or block someone (This feature will be very useful in wordpress- blocking someone, we can block a person from our reader I know that, but can we block that person from reading us? like FB allows, I dont think so!). So in MSN these trolls drove me nuts, they used to write ravings in my blogs, from up to down, especially three insane women and a man, i still remember their names seven years later. Finally I had enough and moved on to blogspot, there an uglier surprise was waiting for me. For two or more years I kept signing in, writing the blogs, everything was normal, then I realized one fine day that I was signing into some fake page created by those trolls, they were totally controlling my websites i was their creative slave. One fine day all the sites with email id became out of access.

After that I totally stopped using blogspot and google based things, use only that one gmail account and of-course its search engine. That is enough for me! For the rest of my life.

Facebook- well it is downright boring but if you want to brazenly publicize, you can use it. That is what I am about to do with it. There everyone writes, no one reads, forming new friends of my wavelength? Will see.

Why I love wordpress?

1. In all these years I have not been bothered by trolls. I dont believe they have not been trying, its just they cant penetrate the safety wall here i believe.

2. The best type of people are connected with wordpress, I have made so many friends here. True friends :)

3. I love its hassle free design, it is so easy to share your works the way you want, and it gets loaded so easily.

4. After MSN wordpress gave me the courage to keep writing and painting, sharing it with others, and gave me the wing and occupation to pass my too many hours! I cant imagine my days without wordpress.

Thank you wordpress pixies :)

and my wordpress friends- love you love you love you and love you.

Teagan R. Geneviene author of ATONEMENT

1. Why do you love to write.

I believe it’s more that I can’t “not write.”  I think you could take that question all the way back to Rod Sterling’s “Twilight Zone.”  Naturally any number of television shows (and even commercials) captured my young imagination. However, I think The Twilight Zone was what caused me to begin to associate my very active childhood imaginings with the concept of writing stories.  I remember being very young and staring up at a small black and white bedroom TV and being utterly fascinated by the stories Rod Sterling presented.  Some years later, as a preteen, I started writing Twilight Zone-ish stories.  They were well received by my teachers, but not by my parents.  I suppose they didn’t think the attention I was getting was appropriate.  I was told to never do that again!  I eventually discarded that parental rule.  (She grins.)

2.The process of writing.

The serials for my blog are pure pantser (unplanned) fun.  However, for everything else I work with a loose plan.  I’m also a bit of a spreadsheet geek.  I make spreadsheets to help me keep up with all the details.  Since I have extensive experience as a technical editor/writer, I’m accustomed to using Excel and Word in advanced ways.  Another thing that helps me is utilizing “styles” in Word for my novels.  This automatically gives me an outline that I can keep on the same page by opening the Navigation Pane under the View tab in Word.

3.The challenges of getting published.

I’ve never tried to be published in the traditional way. I keep hearing that except for the select famous few, the publishers don’t do much of anything to market your books.  So why give them a cut of the profit?
Indie (or independent publishing) is a very exciting area. I enjoy the control it offers.  However, I’m not able to “do it right.”  I have a demanding fulltime job.  The blog takes all my personal time. So there is no time or energy left over for me to do the promotional work of indie publishing.  However, I remind myself that I didn’t publish “Atonement, Tennessee” for the same reasons that bring most people to independent publishing.  I simply wanted the satisfaction of knowing I had done it.

4. A little about your book/s.

A brief overview of the novel “Atonement, Tennessee” and the main characters in Atonement, Tennessee?     Atonement, Tennessee is a tiny fictional town where a lot of strange things happen.  It’s an “urban fantasy” – set in the current day of our real world, but with magical elements.  I added a mystery subplot to the fantasy.  The story is inspired by (but not based on) ancient Celtic/Welsh mythology, particularly the myth of Gwydion fab Don.  I give sneaky little nods to the myth in some of the characters’ names (such as Guy Fabdon).      The heroine, Ralda Lawton, narrates the story.  The need for speed prompted me to let her have some of my own reactions and attitudes.  That’s not something I usually do with a character, typically they’re drawn from my experiences, not my personality.  However, with Atonement, there is a little of me in the heroine and her women friends.      Ralda moves from the big city to the quaint little town of Atonement, hoping for a quiet life.  She buys an old estate house, and she is off to a good start, making friends with her neighbors and settling into the community.  But her new life is anything but peaceful.     The old house is rundown but interesting, and the grounds include an old cemetery.  Some of the antiques in the house have strange properties; a mirror that might show truths you don’t want to see, and a brass bed that gives you dreams of the past.      Ralda begins to unravel mysteries about her past, things she hadn’t previously given much thought.  Also one of her new friends gets into serious trouble – the woman is suspected of wrong-doing when her husband disappears.  Ralda and the other women set about clearing her name.     Meanwhile supernatural entities have their own agendas.  Their dangerous schemes involve Ralda and she has no defense to compare with their magical strength.  She doesn’t know who, if anyone, she can trust.

Teagan R. Geneviene

Shubho mahalaya 2014

mahalaya 2014 23.9.14


The Goddess has opened her eyes. The time of festivities have started. Mahalaya is the first day of Devipaksha, the fortnight of the Goddess Durga.


Goddess Durga has slain demon mahishasur after a ten day war, in spring, but when Ramchandra was about to fight a war against Ravana he prayed to the Mother Goddess for victory in autumn. That is why this puja is called Akalbodhan, untimely awakening.


From 30th september will start the Durgapuja in traditional altars, where the puja is done in traditional way, in the fun loving pandals the puja will start on 1st october.


May all the blessings of the Mother Goddess shower down upon you and your world.

Ed Frey the author of Bitter Honey

Q: Why do you love to write?

A: I love the process of creating characters and trying the give them life on paper. That my sound corny, but it’s the reason why I love writing. I try getting on paper what is in my head, which is sometimes difficult, but that’s the art of writing: the attempt to express yourself clearly.


Q: What is your process for writing?

A: I write everyday; it’s something you must do. The myth that you can wait for inspiration is just that–a myth. Writing is a skill that takes constant practice to hone, and even then, you’ll probably never fully master it. Writing everyday whether you want to or not is the key to successful writing.


Q: What are the challenges of getting published?

A: It’s very difficult to get published, especially in today’s publishing climate. Publishers don’t like taking chances on unknown authors, so they stick with the ones who’ve been successful in the past, which leads to many of the same books being published. However, today’s authors do have other options, with Amazon E-Books being an excellent place to start. Most self-published books don’t sell many copies, but you can’t let that discourage you. Publish the book any way you can, and then keep promoting it. No one ever said writing was an easy field, but it wouldn’t be fun if it were easy.(But it would be nice–just kidding)


Q: How do you maintain hope in such a difficult field where success is few and far between?

A: If you love writing and it’s a dream, then you’ll forge on because dreams are what make living exciting. Keep writing regardless of what people tell you. The only time that is wasted on writing is the time you spend thinking about it, but not actually doing it.


Q: What is the name of your book, and what is it about?

A: It’s called “Bitter Honey” by Drayton Brookings. It’s thriller with a psychological edge. It’s available at Amazon E-Books



Monday Morning interview w J.Ojanpera, The author of “Watch”


Q1 why do you write?

I write for a few reasons. The first is an innate desire to do so. I feel like my words are restless when they stay inside of me, and I have to let them out. The second is that it has been my dream to be a writer since my early teens. The third has to do with opportunity. After having been an ironworker for over twelve years, and sustaining multiple injuries, I found myself in a position to choose a different course for my life. I decided to go for my dream of becoming a full time writer. I started with freelance journalism, and have since branched out into all kinds of other areas. Diversity is very necessary.

Q2 what is the main inspiration behind your book/s?

I have only published one book so far. It is a poetry anthology of different forms and different topics. Poetry comes easy for me, so it seemed like a natural first step for me as far as publishing goes. My inspiration comes from my heart; from a place that never runs out of things to write.

Q3 what effect did it have on you and what effect do you hope it will have on your readers?

Publishing my first book was a little scary. Writing the content was easy, but actually choosing what goes into such a final thing is a daunting task. I was very nervous when I hit the ‘publish’ button, knowing it was out there for anyone to see. I hope my readers see my heart in the pages of the book. I want them to feel love, pain, fear and all of the emotion that went into the writing of my poetry.

Q4 what do you have to tell to wannabe writers?

I would say to a wannabe writer that it is a very crowded room. There are millions of people vying for a few spots atop the writing world. My main advice is to know that it takes time to learn the craft, and it takes even longer to build a substantial audience. I believe that there are many brilliant writers out there that may never be noticed because of how the industry works. Some of the most famous writers of our time have been rejected multiple times and nearly passed over. If you decide to embark on a writing career, be sure to have sufficient income while you are learning, and by all means test the market in every way you can; writing contests, blogging and any other medium to get your words in front of readers. It should definitely be a long term goal to save the heartbreak of learning just how difficult the industry is.




You can get his work here or contact Johnny in his blog, which I assure you is a blog worth daily visits, it is filled with fantastic poems, photographs and his works.


All the best Johnny!


Monday morning interviews 8.9.14 – Charles W Martin

A book or two to go with your sunday morning coffee cup- In all my years of blogging in wordpress I have come across some amazing writers, some of them have published their own books, one of such writer is my friend Charles W Martin, honestly, he is one of the best poets I have come across, you can check out his wordpress blog if you dont believe me, if you love poetry you will thank me (

Here is an interview’s excerpts, and the detail of his three published books.

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to do so?

I started blogging in January of 2010 as a means of sharing my first collection of poems Read Between the Minds. The book had been illustrated by my college friends and I wanted to share their art as well as my poetry. My friend John ( was the one who suggested blogging as a means of accomplishing those goals. I must admit that I had no intention in the beginning to publish a poem a day for such an extend period of time.

Is there a particular person who inspired the character “Aunt Bea?” If so who and why?

Aunt Bea, my mother twin sister, represents all six of the aunts, my mother, and grandmother. Aunt Bea’s voice is one I’ve heard almost every day of my life. The poems are family observations, lessons, and advice given to me and every other family member who had the good sense to listen. Her homespun philosophy most likely will not be found in any collegiate textbooks or for that matter in any local town crier newspaper catering to city dwellers. Indeed, she has a different way of viewing the world– a bit old fashion, sassy, and steely at times but a viewpoint which has engaged my imagination and heart.

You have developed your own special style, spare and pungent. How did it evolve?

I began studying and writing poetry in high school. Since my high school English teacher, Mrs Wills, was quite traditional, she insisted that I study and practice the various forms of poetry before ever attempting to develop my own style. During my collegiate years, I continued to write and study poetry, sitting in on graduate writing classes whenever I could work them into my professional coursework. While at university, I also had an opportunity to mentored some by Quincy Troupe ( …not that I was all that talented at that stage but he did lived in the same building complex and was willing to share some of his insights with me about the creative process. Perhaps, Dr. Floyd Gaffney ( ) was one of the key people who encouraged me to find my own voice with my writing…he was a true mentor to many students throughout his academic career. It was during this period that I began to explore my own voice in terms of writing style: something, that I continue to do… as I suspect all writers do.

What are your plans for the future, now that you have two books out?

Actually, I have three books out, two of just my own work (The Hawk Chronicles { } and Bea in Your Bonnet: First Sting {}) , and another duel poetry book with River Maria Urke (when spirits touch).
The next major project will most likely be an ebook with audio recordings to accompany the poems. Like those poets who have proceded me, I am motivated by a desire to bring about the social changes necessary to enhance the quality of life for those around me and around the world and to give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

What suggestions do you have for beginning writers?

That’s always a difficult question because each individual develops their own voice through diverse processes. Exposure to other writers is always a good starting point to setup a foundation, but one must do more than mimic someone’s style to be a good writer. The writer has to tap into their unique perspective of the world and not compromise to appease others. Charles Bukowski said it best in his poem “so you want to be a writer?”…that poem says it all to me about the becoming a writer and I keep it near my computer to remind me about that aspect of writing.

This interview is in my facebook page too, you can check it out there too, whether you are in FB or not, it opens everywhere :)