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As I will be writing mostly in amazon/kindle/createspace and they have given us authors a chance to create our own profile and put our works at one place for readers to rummage through, I have created my own amazon author page.


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For seven years I have been writing like a writaholic, when I started to look for my first book’s ingredients I realized that I am sitting on a mountain of stories and poems, my friends have liked too many of them, so I have decided to convert them to book and publish them and see if I can actually write a bestseller ;) or woo a publisher.


The lotus of fire


ISBN-13: 978-1502590886 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1502590883

BISAC: Poetry / General


Black mist and other stories


ISBN-13: 978-1502895233 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1502895234

BISAC: Fiction / Ghost


songbird sings to sun


ISBN-13: 978-1502893420 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1502893428

BISAC: Poetry / General


Tell me a story


ISBN-13: 978-1502955388 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1502955385

BISAC: Fiction / General


The child of woods


ISBN-13: 978-1505310283 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1505310288

BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


spirits of darkness and light


ISBN-13: 978-1505310948 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1505310946

BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


The bridge of her dreams


ISBN-13: 978-1505309966 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1505309964

BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


The prisoner of sand castle


ISBN-13: 978-1505309669 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1505309662

BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


crystal eye


ISBN-13: 978-1505309126 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1505309123

BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


If you want the pdf file of this book, let me know, I will gladly share it, don’t want anyone to buy this total disappointment! Write me a mail in and you will get it.



Do check them out and let me know anything you want to say.


love and hugs.




    • honestly, as you know poems come to me by themselves because i dont follow any rule for poems, and the stories are all from blogs. The poems of petals of fire lotus are all from blog, half of the lotus of fire are fresh and all poems songbird sings to sun are new. Whereas all stories of the story books are from blogs, only some are new.

      I have been really stuck up with the publicity department though! :)

  1. Wow! I love your blog and now I really would like to read your stories as well. Actually this is what I would like to do myself: write free poetries and stories. Your blog has been quite an inspiration about it. Thanks! :)

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