thank you jukepopserials for accepting my work and first vote has accepted my first story, it feels really good, when someone is not averse to pay money for something you have written.

You will have to check out the paying terms and conditions though, the amazon account they allow to create accepts only US citizens.

As money is not my top priority right now I have just asked them about the rules of payment, if they accept Indian accounts then I will have to ask my bro, because I dont have one but he does.

Will keep you updated.

Now, if you want to share your long stories, divided in chapters with serious readers, and you love to know where you are standing you should try this site,, they dont make a fuss if your work has been published before, that is a really great thing and I certainly am grateful for that. Because over the years I have written some long stories in WP that I will love to get tested. God bless them!

Now, if you join there do check out my story too and if you will vote for it that will be just great :)

the tower

Thanks a lot Jukepopserials and Maria (, Maria for showing me the site and jukepop for liking my story. Thanks again and God Bless!


Got the first vote on my story, tried to discover who gave it but could not. God bless you whoever you are :)
Thanks a million times.

May be I will be able to collect enough votes and become one of their writers :)
That will be so great!!!!

Thursday pages 24.7.14

chhatim 3.7.14 3

When the world sees
traffic jam
and mudstained boots
the poet sees
lightning, thunder
crystal drops of rain
the world sees the earth
the poet sees the sky
its good to be a poet
once in a while!


Have a wonderful weekend and time ahead my dear friends, wish you a fabulous time ahead.

lots of love.


The Thursday posts are in their usual places,;;;;;;;;

FB page n profile

my fb account is sharmishtha.basu.50, if you want to join me there, do leave me a message, to tell me, and if you find any discrepancy, or something confuses you about the account, like an old friend of mine got confused and ended up in the account of another sharmishtha basu, a married woman with a kid, and only after he congratulated me on my kid did he realized that he was standing in front of a stranger’s house, that woman uses my spelling and our profiles are slightly different, now that is a little too annoying co-incidence! any way… just double check if you get confused. I use my signature photograph in my profile and the header of mydomainpvt as background pic in fb.

I have started a page on fb too, on 17th july, this can be read freely, even if you are not logged in in FB.
Do be careful about the different spellings :) – the spelling i use was already taken so…


sign 16.2.14 SM

visions 1.4.13 CAWW

Hello world!

Sharmishtha Basu:

My first post in wordpress :) Vishal’s post made me check out when I joined this amazing site, it has been five years!!!

Thanks for these amazing five years WordPress, cant love you enough for the priceless friends you have given me.

You certainly are the best and so are your bloggers.

A big hug for all of you. :)

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Facebook and its stories


Facebook is quite a strange place or the rats that infest my life are just having their time there, at my expense ofcourse.

My friends in FB keep saying that none of these things happen with them, but they do keep happening with me.

1. Sending automatic invitations to people, from the list of my friend’s friends and the groups in which I am a member.

2. all of a sudden being bothered with security details, saying that I have never logged in from this computer or location… come on! I dont even go out of the house with my cellphone or computer. (This fortunately have happened only once).

3. Comments and likes being blocked- saying I am abusing my rights (This has happened twice till date- I dont waste much of my time there anymore or else…).

4. Today I was surfing through phone, that is not a very smooth accessory so I accidentally clicked a “friend” of “a friend” and the profile that opened really gave me a creep- here i was smiling in my full glory- the very same picture I use here, the background picture only the name was different some Kanchana (have forgotten the title) – FB instantly crashed, like it always does in these dicey occassions, by the time I could get back to that profile it has changed the profile and background picture both were different, someone told me that she has never faced this problem.

I will keep sharing more stories, whenever I will encounter them.. maybe, if someone is playing games with my profile I will be able to catch that ***** and report to FB or maybe cops. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it is only a bug!

its alright

July Joys 2014


Last month my dear friend Freya Pickard, who is one of my favorite haiku writers ( invited me to an event in facebook hosted by satya robin, “Joyful july”, she invited everyone who needs a little cheering up to join her.

[[I dont really need cheering up but after Indrajit left a comment in my blog, which somehow made me feel that most of my readers (?... please for heaven's sake say no!!!!) may think I am sort of some "tragedy queen" because I write too much painful stuffs (?... again please say no!!) ]]

So I decided to cheer my blogs up a bit because this is the month I joined this circus years ago… so natuarlly I have a bit fondness for this month, I hope that doesnot counts as narcissism :)

If you like these posts the credit goes to Freya and Satya Robin- my thanks will go to them.

Lotzaluv for you guys (please dont create a tragedy queen image for me in your hearts, I am a really happy creature… believe me, it is just i feel sad when i think about the suffering of others… it touches me deeply- cant help it….)

Have a great July :)


RAIN 1.4.13

Showers of july
pouring cascade of water
cool, sweet from heavens
after a hot day
the delight of peace
late night thunderdrums
lightning flash in darkness
a sudden bath of light
lying in bed