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The lotus of Fire 2021 in kindle

The lotus of Fire

This year the book has changed its mood, you will enjoy a set of poems mostly about God’s beautiful creation- nature. The sets are grass, meadow, volcano, hills and mountains plus a poems about random things.

There are different themes and poems written on those themes. I rather enjoyed this trip of imagination. Hopefully, you will like them too. When you have finished the book do write me an email expressing your opinions, I will be much obliged!

The earlier year books will be published in shoptly and gumroad with the same name, that is the 2019 version of The lotus of fire will be published in Shoptly and Gumroad as The Lotus of Fire 2019. 2019 will be the first bunch. I may add the earlier years later, but the coming years will be regularly published in Shoptly and Gumroad.

It will be a good idea to keep the older versions around I believe.