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Hearts afire

Hearts afire,

sweet desire,

overwhelming two beings,

well, it sounds sweet,

if you can shut reasonings,

inside your brain’s cupboard,

and throw away the keys.

When you look around,

you see examples

only contradicting the presence of

“everlasting love”.

If you can go with the flow,

take whatever falls on your plate,

and make the best out of it,

or if you can try what you want,

and then get nothing or worse

then go for it.

Love my dear to me,

is a mirage, mostly a fantasy

that naive hearts chase

wise stay away from.


This is for my friend Vishal He is sure that i can write a good romantic novel, I am not, I have written a few love stories, quite a few but they are just about relationships with as much imagination as Madame Curie will allow me to deviate, from reality.


In my upcoming books those stories will be included and I will see if you guys like them!