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Friends 4ever

It’s really surprising to think that you were nowhere in my life a year ago. Whole courtesy goes to a friend of mine, Vashi who introduced me to Word Press.

Next came GG and soulbro, who kept me busy here, finally jingle and Rahim came and with them you all.

Now I can feel how beautiful friendship is and how precious friends are, a fact I have forgotten for a decade. Thanks for reminding me that again and again. Filling my days with beauty of human soul.

I will love to share my friend bloggers with you. There is no favourite- all my friends are favourite to me. I will share them a few at a time.

Soulbro, well his poems are awesome. They are mostly like magic. Full of wisdom and beauty. He is a person with soul made of pure love.

A fantastic writer, her talent in writing is very, very great. She has just started her journey but her way of writing is much matured. I love her as a friend and a writer.

he is not here with us right now. but he is a marvelous poet, a marvelous friend and a marvelous human being. cherished and treasured.

How I love to visit her blogs- full of chirpy happiness and warmth. The warmth she spreads all around her.

She is a brilliant story writer, these days she has started a fantastic blog, which is her journey to mysteries, and she allows us to join her.

How I love to see her gorgeous photographs. How I long that some day I will be able to capture one like them and write a poem like her.

His poems tell his stories, a noble caring heart full of love and compassion for fellow human beings. When I read his poems I feel mesmerized by his versatility and expertise.

Every morning her blog brings faith and love for God in my life. She is a beautiful angel soul.

An artist and a poet. His blog is beautiful. The marvelous combination of his poems and photos always enchant me beyond words. His poems are awesome, wise and fabulously written. I missed him dearly when he was away.

Kavita means poetry. She lives by her name. She is poetry. Her poems are divine and to add up she picks the most beautiful photographs to join them.

She is our nightingale. Just like Kavita her sense of beauty is too too good. I love all the photos she uses.

sharmishtha basu