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Moments from the journey republished in Kindle

Moments from the journey

This book contains a set of poems about God, human beings and their ways. We all know it is almost impossible to analyze poems you have to read them, feel them. So all I can say it contains a set of poems about human world in different colours-love, envy, pain, spiritualism with a healthy dose of philosophy. Hope they will impress you.

Poetry is a very shy, timid flower that blooms for loving hearts, they make the poet brave enough to write things so close to their heart.

If you are a regular reader you already know, if not well starting from 2017 I first republished my story-books (with new contents excluding the title stories), then I edited and altered the contents of the poetry books too, starting from 2018, As I don’t have any plans of adding un-necessary titles this will continue. Every year I will alter or change the contents of the books. In case of story-books the contents will be changed a lot, in case of poetry books a little, I will keep the books intact and shuffle a set of poems or maybe change them completely with new poems you will have to wait and see!

Do share your views after reading!