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Crystal Eyes is published in Kindle with new stories

Crystal Eyes is published in Kindle with new stories

The title story is the only story that is common with the previous editions of this book, others are new. A bunch of cute stories this time, served from a world where fair folks are very real! Hope you will like this style! Their essence is quite different from each other, like their title characters! With them there are three dark stories, really dark and grim and two takes on beloved fairytales. Do share your views after reading!

Crystal Eyes – Review by Troy David Loy

Crystal Eyes: In the title story, Prabhat has collected an unusual find at a curio shop, and has recurring dreams of a young woman from long ago. He discovers a trap laid by an evil magician, a tantric, to take or to destroy the woman of those dreams. This one has a sad ending, but very well done.

Ye have been warned 2: First, in Warning 11, a young girl gets attacked by giant monster Snapdragons after trying to pick them, then in Warning 12, “The Smell from Hell,” there are the unpleasant results of a curse of red ice (Yew!), in Warning 13, a seemingly deserted house gets scoped by movie producers, only to prove actually haunted, and NOT available to rent for shooting! In Warning 14, “Scarecrow Nights,” cats and other local pets must be kept indoors on certain nights, or they are never seen again! In Warning 15: “Howler Nights,” a small town must vacate the vicinity on certain nights of the year, or get no sleep. In Warning 16, “You will see her only once!” a local pleasure house offers girls whose Faces May Not Be Seen, or dire things await the beholder! In Warning 17: “Peep through keyhole and ye shall be hexed!” A peeping Tom gets his “reward” for being more curious than he should. These were fun!

Reality Fairytale exposure 1: Snow:
Young Trinca finds a magic book in a secondhand shop, and strikes up a friendship of sorts with it, as it tells her twisted versions of otherwise familiar stories beginning with a new take on Snow White. This is different! Appetite whetted!

In Reality Fairytale exposure 2: Cinders:
Trinca hears another story from her magic book, this time an unusual version of Cinderella, and in my view, a much more interesting one. I liked these two stories especially, and would like to see others in the same vein in future books, perhaps with Indian fairy tales as well, as those would be fun!

Over all: I’ve enjoyed the previous version of this book, and this edition is even better!