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Butterflies from life’s garden republished in Kindle, createspace

Every sensation that became poetry, every kind friend, admirer who gave them the courage to express themselves. Poetry is a very shy, timid flower that blooms for loving hearts, they make the poet brave enough to write things so close to their heart.

It started with my storybooks in 2017, I kept the titles of the books but changed their contents fully, excluding the title stories. I told that I will include the poetry books from next year, here they are from this year onwards the contents of the poetry books will change too, most probably every year. In case of poetry books there are no title poems so majority of the contents or all contents will change. Hope you will enjoy them! I really don’t have any intentions of adding more titles in Amazon, I have stuffed up too many already, but I am stuffed with works so I will just change the contents every year, of as many books as I can handle! Kindle version will be illustrated with new illustrations and poems in lesser number (to slice the price) but the createspace or paperback copy will contain only poems of different taste!



You can buy this book from here: