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now you can buy my digital works from

Just as I was hoping I have been able to find out a spot from where I can independently sell my digital works, in forms of pdf books and artworks. First set of books are already up there:

Agnimalya is a Series of Books containing stories of versatile genres. It will be the author’s sincere attempt to keep the stories as versatile as possible.

There will be funny, mysterious, dark and sweet stories inside these covers. The stories will mostly be short fiction, flash fiction, but once in a while a longer story will join in but at a little higher price. Because the longer story will be up here after its finished, that may be in two or three issues of
Agnimalya in Patreon.

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 5

After you check out the site you will see that I can only put up the books there, and their selling details. You will be able to check out their indexes in Agnijashatadalama:

All indexes, critiques and other announcements will be there for your browsing.

The other spots from where you can buy my works: