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Dear friend,

Thanks for finding me in the cyber world or else I would have been missing an amazing human being.

A person with fabulous taste who dedicates his time to share the best gems of blogging world with all of us through his blog, it’s an amazing exception in blogging world, a world where everyone is eager to create own thoughts, creations, pain and laughter you spend your time appreciating, highlighting the works of others.

You remind me of those rich people who were the wind behind the creative sails of artists like Michelangelo, no one knows their names but Michelangelo would not have been a legend without them. That’s the harsh truth.

Thanks for picking up pebbles from my blogs. I wish I too could re-blog works of others, but my internet usage is very limited. So all I can do in return of your overwhelming kindness is say “Thank You” from heart.

Note: If you think it’s worth it please accept this humble gift and you are free to share it with your friends.