JUNE 2014

26 to 30


the world is no fun
for a smart one
who wont fall for
slippery words
uttered by devil’s in disguise
or drooly wooly heads
no matter how clearly they say
that they dont give a hoot
to their drooling or wooing
they just dont get
that some women are too smart
to fall for idiots like them


I bought this guy
sleeping beside me
snoring like trumpet
paid a whole lot of money
and jewels, gifts for his folks
but he treats me like a dog
I work from dawn till late at night
and all he and his folks do
is find faults in my looks
and my works and everything else
that is somehow related to me
things may take a worse turn
if the being inside my womb
turns out to be their third
female girlchild
I guess I bought the wrong slave..


Ah my daddy thinks
its a better use to spend
money on cheap liquor
than to build a toilet
for his female family folks
and our government is too busy
piling up money in swissbank
to give a hoot to their votebank
so we sneak out
in the dark of night
to the fields or desolate places
to save our dignity
where monsters often wait


It’s so hard
to grow up in the world
as someone everyone
will take for granted
or will abuse
born in a small hut
in the darkness of ignorance
where women grow up early
feeling everyday as a burden
on their impoverished family
where predators lurk everywhere
inside the home and out in the roads
and the hands that torture them most
are often female hands, not male

19 to 25

A wounded horse, crippled spirit
a heart full of love
who fought for him
refused to give in
to allow the ready hands
to push poison in his veins
in which blood still ran warm
a long, patient war began
and a year went by
now that horse stands in the meadow
waiting for her to ride

howling wolf

late at night the breeze rustles his fur
shining like wire under the silver light
of the moon up in the sky
he calls out to the moon
come down and catch me if you can
and then sprints forth
looking up from time to time

kitten in snow

you cant see me
no you cant
now be a good girl
turn your back
and walk towards the porch
so i can pounce
and scare you to death


come join us
forget seriousness
forget all responsibities
and also sanity
and have some real fun
who cares if a thing or two
are broken beyond repair
or a man or woman
gets hurt and swears
come join us for a while
lets have a ball

Thursday paints 19.6.14

sinking ship 4.6.14

water rushes through
its mighty body becomes heavy
slowly it sinks
water all around it
it goes deeper and deeper
fishes gather around it
for a look
a mermaid swims in
rummages the makeup box
left behind a maiden fair
as she hurried off to shore
she playes with the lipstick,
the eyeliner, mascara
not knowing what they are.

Thursday Pages 19.6.14


5 TO 14

beautiful eyes
like a pair of stars
in morning sky
dreams simmer in them
as they look down
a feeling pure divine
permeates the heart
when one looks into them
they can see through souls
but they dont care to see
for they see things beautiful
which human eyes fail to see

so many times
I begged God for so many things
now standing at a point of life
where when I weigh I can see
I got almost nothing
that I ever asked for
the careers, the boyfriends
the talents and other things
none at all
some were just not meant to be
and others, well I am glad
really glad that she ignored me.


young hearts will love
crave for the sweet things
the old brain will try to
stop them from making mistakes
that is the way it should be
dont build jails around them
guide them to the right path
in the end, let them be
if they dont want to listen
share your views, wisdom
if they are still sure
that they dont want them
let them be
they will fall and get up
finally they will know
who was right and who was wrong


his paints stroked the canvas
with love of a blessed soul
angels and mermaids
took form on whitescape
they took their wings
and touched the hearts
of those who could feel
the world of his dreams
then his dreams became theirs
in different parts of world
a separate flower bloomed
from his dreamseeds.

Love is an oasis
that needs rain
from time to time
from two hearts
to help it combat
the constant thrashing
of desert around it
no matter how deep it is
how much full of love it is
without the constant nurturing
the desert sands will win
so when two lips exchange vows
the path of love starts,
the happily ever after
is build brick by brick
as they move along that path.

MAY 2014

beating your own drum

Beating your own drum
is not vain in present times
if you have the skill of drumming
and a good group to support
it can take you to heights
where truly talented may not go
and if you have good business sense
nothing will stop you
from reaching your highest goal
Seen too many liars
proving themselves saints
with the right publicity
and seen too many innocents
being branded crooks
with right smearing campaign
we live in a society
that pursues “images”
not the real guys.

humble confidence

I try to fly, build my own path
not because I am special
but because I love to be myself
so I change a little here
and a little there
and create my own path
to fit my whims and fancies
there is no arrogance
its just humble confidence.

foolish envy

a fool’s envy, full of insecurity
that shows up in every action
does not annoys its target for long
sooner or later it starts to amuse
those spiteful words, lies, malice
make the target feel how fool
the heart full of envy is
that in place of living, relishing life
stalks and seeks the harm of others


dont mourn me, love me.

If you have a flower for me
give it to me now
dont place it on my memorial
when I am gone
If you have a sweet word for me
say it now
dont say those words wet with tears
on my lifeless corpse.
Lets celebrate others when they are alive
that is how it is supposed be
that is how it should must be.

bird 11.5.14

When the wind carries him high and low
ruffles his feather gently
or controls him like a feather
does he feels fear like we do?
when scary things happen in sky?
does he relishes how he can fly?
while so many of us can only see?
wonder what goes inside his heart,
when he sails in ocean of breeze.

fawn 11.5.14

he stops frequently
watches all around
for any sign of danger
so he could flee
carried by his nimble feet
that could kiss the breeze
hooves touching the earth
just like a quick kiss

snakedemon 6.3.13

tired of running
chased by wolves
the little goat stopped
by the woods
two burning eyes appeared,
“Come with me… to my lair,
the wolves are scared of me,
you see I have the power
to crush down every foe.”
the little goat looked at him,
a slithering creature
just like rope
and followed him to his death
thinking he was too big
for his mouth.
Believing he could outrun
his enemy without legs.

solitary sunrise 121212

You and your beliefs
may be perfect for you and so many more
but that will never mean
it is perfect for everyone
so why do you bother someone
who prefers to be on her own
for long hours or maybe lifetime
singing to her ears
how useless life is
without a mate, a kid or a family,
does it ever occurs to you,
she may think you are
an extremely annoying pest?


ponchishe boisakh 1421, 9.5.14

25th boisakh 1421 9.5.14

This is 450th anniversary of Shakespeare, I was reading some posts on the fb site about shakespeare and wondering, did he ever imagined that people will adore him even after this many years.

We Bengalis have an apple of eyes too, Tagore, he is one poet who can be called a miracle, I really dont know how could he manage so many diverse moods so perfectly. Its been years since I have been trying poetry and how I wish I could write “one” poem as magical as him, forget about by dozens.

Well today is his 153rd birthday, one of my celebration days, because I certainly am absolutely grateful to God for him and his poems, they have given me so much through these years and will.

Maybe, God can think about giving us another one, at-least someone half as good as him.

RAIN 1.4.13

The thunder clapped
the sky opened
rain came down in torrent
small rivulets
danced on streets
waterfalls came gurgling down
from the mouths of gorgoyles
tip tap of splattering drops
on sunsets and suncovers
created the illusion
of a tropical storm

red autumn tree 131212

nature, in a place she paints
autumn with vibrant colours
red, orange and yellow
on another corner of earth
she plays with white and blue
white clouds float on sky
like snow-covered hills
scatter down on earth
dancing in autumn breeze
white grassflowers.

sailing boats 3613

tranquil ocean lies still
sailboats in thousand coloured
sail on his chest
laughter and music
mingle with salty breeze
perfect escape
from sultry summer heat

saras 19.3.13

the river breeze cool, sweet
gently ruffles the trees
a pair of birds wait patiently
for the glimpse of food
the boatman rows his boat
river breeze caress his body
covered with beads of sweat


girl on beach 18613

the waves come and waves go
life flows
when the weather is rough
their roar, their height
menacing, intimidating
crushing everything in path
will seem to be zeroed
on you and your world
then with time they will
simply ebb away
like they were never there
this is all life is
dancing or weeping
on a seashore

girl on moon 17.4.14

in the ethereal realm
magic creatures dwell
unseen, unheard
sometimes late at night
away from human civilization
a singular eye sees, hears
but his visions are not accepted
by skeptic minds and hearts

girl on stairs 30713

books were her best friends
the shy, clumsy girl
too eager to hide
they held her hands
together they traveled
in worlds full of magic and beauty
then with time
they became the source of wisdom
the shy girl grew up
to become a woman with confidence
and above all full of peace, happiness

girl silhouette

Late at night
if the world falls silent
you can hear her song
she walks on the brink
the line dividing
sanity and insanity
if you listen to her words
you will wonder
if her vision are hazed
or she sees too deep, too much


I want to open my eyes
and step out of my home
right into the lap of nature
soft grass under my bare feet
a flute in my hand
serenading with birds and wind
endless blue sky above my head
trees all around me

the ordinary girl from india FF 7.11.12 Trisha

Love her or leave her
dont abuse her
she came to being
to fill up your voids
like you were sent to fill hers
why did you went astray?
why dont you realize
you are the one who needs change
the one who should mend your way
or else, if you treat her with enmity
sooner or later you will pay.

desert 26.8.12

barren lands
where wind blows
carrying only sand
infertile and destructive
the sand dunes rise and fall
changing the landscapes
like a child changes his playbox

car against dawn sky 25812

there is a traveler in my soul
that wants to pack up and leave
to an endless journey
around the world
discovering every nook and cranny
sipping every thing
that the traveling star has to offer
the chains of sanity
keep me captive.


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  1. I keep finding more blog sites for you, Trisha. Sorry i haven’t been able to keep up. Work has given me ulcers (on top of all the other health issues it has given me) so i won’t pretend that i’ll be able to keep up any time soon. Wishing you ever increasing success — and lots of hugs! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • it is alright if you write an email once in a while instead of visiting the blogs regularly. I know it is tough for anyone with a full life to follow my blog(s) – you guys post once a week (or less) and I post at-least two to three new posts every week in 12 blogs heh heh. Well…

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