the charons

Some stories are too dark to share still conscience makes the person tell.

Not with pleasure of any kind but as a burden to be shed from soul. To warn others who will get the message and walk with caution

This is a chapter of my life that came without provocation, invitation and destroyed almost every good thing i had. Not by one stroke but by well organized torment of ten years. Read and be warned if you are indian esp bengali.


I dont know why but the links are not working, so please go to my author page in amazon and pick up the book/s you want.

If anyone is kind enough to review this book i will gladly share the pdf file, and as a gift the pdf file of one book, and will love to review his/her work if s/he sends me the word or pdf file.



8 thoughts on “the charons

  1. Hi Sharmishthah. How have you been?
    My apology for falling out of the blogosphere for a while. Pressing matters to attend. Solved. Almost. :)
    I see you’re going to Hyderabad (of the Sind? :)
    Wish you the best with this change (Love the word “shift”), and will stay in touch.
    Take good care of yourself my friend.

      • Hyderabad (of the Sind) is a story that’s been playing in my head for some time. Just can’t find the time to write!
        Wish you the best in the Hind variant! :)
        A change is (almost) always good! Takes one away from one’s demons I guess. And you deserve to be happy!
        Have a nice “shift” my friend.
        And let us know how it goes!
        Take care

      • Your ancestral home keeps popping up in your words. It was very important for you wasn’t it? :) Would you have a picture?
        take care my friend.

      • That is the sad part, the shape of our burdwan home was odd for photographs, still we managed to have a few but the negatives are gone. I have some partial ones, one or two i guess will share after getting my datacard back.

        Loved both my ancestral homes. Despise my family but will always love the homes. ;)

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