Thursday Rally for Poets

That dream again

You came again
Your arms stretched
With love and promises
Commitment and respect
For the second time!

We live in two worlds,
Never met each other
Before your first visit
I never had yearned for you,
Or looked at you with passion!

What do these dreams tell us?
Sometimes they show us hope
Sometimes they show despair
A stranger holds us to love,
A friend turns away from us.

Are they premonition?
Or just simple outcomes!
Of the endless churning
Of hundred thousand passions
Through-out the day and night!

Sharmishtha basu


tall, straight Sal trees
reach upwards to touch sky
their heads huddled together
their roots covered in leaves.

Even the most cautious feet
Can’t avoid the sound
It sounds so loud, rude
In that dreamy silence!

Sharmishtha basu

Daughters of forest

A strange drumbeat starts,
Your heeled feet ache to join
In that primeval dance
Performed in concrete wood.

Gracefully they sway
To the beat of drums
Black marble Venuses
Arms in arms they dance.

The red bloom in their dark hair
Sways and smiles in moonlight
Full moon is mesmerized in sky
As daughters of forest dance for him.

The sons of woods join in through drums,
Their bodies may shame Apollo or cupid,
Not a single muscle in wrong place
Creatures of beauty and innocent grace.

You sit there, your heels tapping
As your eyes soak their amazing dance
You walk away from the scene at dawn,
In your mind they always sway.

Sharmishtha basu

Santhals are a tribe of India, they have strong resemblance with African tribals. Their bodies are sculptures in flesh.

When full moon rises they dress up, adorn their hair with read palash flowers and dance to the beat of madals (drum). Women dance in a row, their arms wrapped around the waist of the person on either side.

Men play the madal. I have had the chance of witnessing this divine dance only once (in flesh); that magic will stay with me forever.

Just close your eyes and imagine, a group of drum playing in a exotic beat, a group of men dancing along with a group of laughing, merry girls, dressed up beautifully (both men and women have bodies chiseled out of black marble); the full moon spreading clear light on them.

I will later try to put a sketch of the girls dancing.

Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks) @

The flute

Softly his flute played,
The young boy with brown eyes,
A sweet smile hovering on lips
He sat on the rock and played.

His herd of goats grazed,
Merrily on the luscious grass,
River softly rippled
In the summer breeze.

My boat sailed with current
I sat with my feet in water,
Soaking in its crispy coolness,
As the breeze caressed me.

He sat there tranquilly
Just like peace embodied,
My ears drank his sweet song,
My heart filled with gratitude.

Soon my boat crossed the limit,
His melody left my ears
It still rings in my heart
When I close my eyes and try.

Sharmishtha basu


Dry leaves say goodbye to branches,
Disengage the weak bonding,
Slowly they surrender to summer breeze,
Sail down from tree to ground.

Covering the roots softly,
Summer passes by rains come,
The crystal drops softly splatter
On their golden brown bodies.

They lose themselves and embrace earth
To become one with her,
Their body merges with hers
Slowly the roots reach up to kiss.

They mingle with one another,
Run through the veins
Of the tree that gave them their birth,
Became one with the creator at long last!

Sharmishtha basu

young fairies were playing,
a soft hush fell
golden fairy flew in there,
sat down on a bloom’s heart.

they gathered all around her,
their youthful faces glowing,
she was their friend, teacher,
whenever they felt floundering.

“Tell us mother fairy,
do you regret your fear, scorn,
that made you walk away from froggy,
the little guy in lotus pond.”

“You have spent your life alone,
for the mud he splattered on your name,
its very stench drove away,
any fairy that could have been yours.”

“Now when you lie alone in bed,
knowing it will be this way,
do you wish the clock to turn back,
so you could end up in his bed?”

She laughed out in a peal,
sonorous like temple bells,
“No my girls, my sweet children,
I least not regret what I did.”

“First time I walked away from him,
that was because of his toadyish ways,
then his action proved again and again,
a little demon took form of an amphibian.”

“His ugliness, cruelty and arrogance,
proved me right so many times
that I thank God that I did not gave in,
to all his persuasive, adamant ways.”

“May be I would have settled down,
with a fairy if he did not happened to be,
or he had the dignity to bear rejection,
in a way normal beings do.”

“I would have never loved a soul like him,
no matter what the outer covering he had,
it hardly will ever matter to me,
if he looked like cupid or sphinx.”

“Some compromise in love, some don’t.
they both may win, they both may lose,
the only thing that matters in love,
is you should follow your, only your heart.”

She said these words with calm and joy,
a sweet expression on her peaceful face,
told her fairy children the golden truth,
she made a decision beyond regret.

Sharmishtha basu

This is answer to the question left by booguloo in my last “Thursday Rally for poets” post. Thanks for making me think from her angle. As for me, I have played both the roles, the role of the fairy and the frog. But I played both roles with dignity and wisdom.

Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks) @

fairy and the frog

Golden fairy was playing
With her friends in lotus pond
They were sitting on louts leaves
Splashing the water with their tiny feet.

Crystal drops of water
Were skittering here and their
Just like drops of crystal
Flying around in air.

A little frog was watching
he fell in love with the fairy
he swam to the lotus leave
scrambled on it to meet her.

The fairy flew away
The moment she saw him
The tiny creature sat there
Shedding drops of tear.

The lotus asked him why,
Did he thought she will love him
They are not meant for each other
Nor will they ever mean to be.

“No matter how much you yearn,
How much you change, adorn
Your very body and soul
You will never be like her.”

“She will never love you
Your desire will turn in pain
Your union will be a ruin
So don’t fret my dear friend.”

Sharmishtha basu

Lying eyes

So you say you love me
you vow it again and again loudly
when everyone is around us
then why does that feeling change?

When its only you and me
your way of acting changes
you try to push me to things
which you know will ruin me.

In the crowd you say I am sweet
in solitude you say I wear mask
in crowd you say I am adorable
in solitude you say I strive to be.

Is it some game which you are playing?
thinking that I cant look through it?
thinking I am innocent as a babe
and you can ruin my nature or self esteem?

Sharmishtha basu

the nest

So you have stirred up the nest
the lair of devil’s owns
be prepared for the aftershock
soon they will swarm yours.

First they will cry foul
then they will say you lie
will try to prove you vile
if that fails, well you are senile.

They will act in cahoots
one watching the other’s back
one supporting the other’s deeds
and supporting every thing he does.

Wonder when the children of God
will learn to hold each other’s hands
to watch each other’s back and words
with the conviction of devil’s owns.

Sharmishtha basu

Let him be

Let him be
You were not there
When he was toiling
Inching his way to top.

his tired legs dragging
his tired body and mind
Toward his golden gate
You were then sleeping in bed.

Then he reached the gate
Throne was laid out for him
The crown adorned his forehead
You were standing in crowd.

Heart full of jealousy
But your hands clapped.
Then he stumbled and fell
Landed far below you.

You did not helped him up
You laughed and taunted
Prayed in your heart
That he never gets out.

Let him be, you should
For you were not there
To build his throne
You shant dig his grave.

Sharmishtha basu

the palace

He made a marble palace
from stolen money
cheated and looted others
to decorate its every inch.

The palace shined bright
brighter than the sun
everyone who saw it
gave nothing but compliment.

When he was alone there at night
the marble turned to white skeletons
of those he has slaughtered
to amass that immense wealth.

His hands got stained with their bloods
in his every nightmare
no matter how much he washed them
with the scented soaps.. they stayed like that.

His ears rang with their piercing screams
his head rang with their curses
no matter how much he tried or begged
he could not get an hour of peaceful sleep.

Sharmishtha basu

golden fairy

I saw her pouting
A fragile golden winged being
Sun has woken her up
And reported a theft.

He said the roses have stolen
The ruby of her lips
Sky has stolen
Crystal blue from her eyes.

Sunflower and daisies
Committed the sin
Took away a tiny bit
Of her lock’s gold.

She sat there pouting first
Then she laughed out loud
Laughing like a nightingale
She flew back to moon.

Sharmishtha basu

evil echo

there I was standing
on the top of the mountain
luscious green waves of grass
rolled down its body
like the drapes of a curtain
a marble white temple
stood right beside me
down all the way to the valley
and in the valley itself
ruby poppies burnt bright
setting the grass on fire.

“Oh what a sight!
It seems, someone scattered
all the rubies of an emperor
to applaud this beautiful sight!”
“Those are not rubies Missus!”
was my sweet guide’s solemn reply.
the hazel eyes of the young boy
were reflecting a beautiful light
a light of love and deep pain.
“Why did you say that?” I asked
“please explain my dear lad!”

“This temple was once abode
of a great sage and his daughter,
she was as beautiful as a lotus,
blooming in the morning sun,
a prince was riding by
he fell in love with the lady shy,
they exchanged their hearts and vow,
he rode back to his kingdom,
on his way a witch saw him
the beautiful sorcerer fell for him
she stopped him and tried to win him.”

“He begged her to let him go
as his heart was not his any more.
she tried to bewitch him, love won
furious in rage she turned him blind
the hapless lover stumbled back
his lover he never knew was chained
in the temple by another spell,
he called out to her, she replied
come this way my love! I am here!
The evil echo suppressed her words,
lead the hapless lover to his fall!”

“He heard her echo ringing from hills,
mimicking her choked voice, I am here! I am here!
When the maiden knew her lover’s fate
she too followed his way
the whole hill got covered by poppies
no thing can wipe these flowers out
wind, rain, frost or snow
no matter how mercilessly they batter
these flowers bloom here forever
to show us the path, the place
where two loving hearts shattered.”

Sharmishtha basu


petal after petal
bloom after bloom
tumble down its body
like a golden waterfall

all around it summer blazes
scorching heat, merciless sun
waves of heat wave up to ether
flames of fire shoot down

doves coo in some distant tree
lonely like a single lover
dry wind waltzes around her
gold laden amaltas stands still

like a maiden in gold and green
standing alone in a field
waiting for her lover
to come and hold her hands.

Sharmishtha basu


golden birds have arisen
their bodies still soaked
with the droplets of ruby
from ruby river in ether
ruby drops are dripping
colouring the world crimson
sun is watching silently
all this crimson splendor

under the moon silver (first rondeau)

under the moon silver we wait
for our mate who is too late
the crow starts to stir in its sleep
the soft dew drops as heaven weep
we start to lose patience in wait
oh why is he so much late!
how much longer shall we wait!
the crease on your brow gets deep
under the moon.
ah the ebony turns to slate
no more are we going to wait
let him pay for his careless sleep
let him complain and let him weep
let him groan and let him too wait
under the moon!

sharmishtha basu

Poems and me:

an outlet of emotions
whirling inside my heart
in oh so many visions
myriad hues of passions
its poetry that unchains
that fluttering bird of art
it softly removes its chain
lets it fly out to your heart.

Sharmishtha Basu

the woods

I stopped by woods
feeling the absolute peace
every movement talked
told me hundreds of stories
history was unraveled.

Sharmishtha basu

Pearly Pegasus

oh pearly white equine
sweet pegasus from land of dreams
here to show me beyond dreams
the pathway to land divine.
Where sweet golden moon shine
faeries dance holding arm
moon gets drunk by their charm
mermaids swim up to sing a song
nymphs rhythm their lyres with song
soul gets drunk from sight divine

sharmishtha basu


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      • were you suggesting me to get my works published? well, I have started working on it for the first time, seriously, will try the conventional old fashioned way, knocking the doors of publishers.

        when are you coming to kolkata? 🙂


  1. Yeah u hav great amount of work and its time to publish. U can try through e publishing also. It’s difficult to find a good publisher but not impossible. U may have to knock many doors ant success will be bestowed upon u one day. I’ve been to cal on and off next time will be soon. Let’s see when. 🙂

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