I know I might have ignored this little gesture but I can’t. I somehow think it is my moral duty toward my readers; quite a lot of them have become my close friends. Please read the things written below carefully. Don’t brush them away casually.

In my long span of blogging i have met all type of people marvelous friends and trolls and people in-between who dwell the cyber world.
Unfortunately some trolls did not like the things I wrote in MSN, I have written in their user’s contribution section for almost two years. My writings were simply words from heart, before writing there I never even guessed people can become so abusive to those who write against their views.

These trolls started to cyber-stalk me from then on. I still receive their mails (After two years since I stopped writing in MSN) in my email ids. Extremely abusive and sometimes really perverted mails. Some regular writers are Shruti Brij, Shri, Vasundhara and Ria but as you know they must be fake names. But that does not makes their intentions less heinous so don’t take them lightly.

They are not innocent babies, their behaviour is on the brink of criminal activities, they used to regularly bother me , posting dirty (extremely) comments on my blogs, abusive comments and mails, insane rantings were daily affair. As a result I had to stop using my windows live blog because it did not gave the option of moderation then.

WORST PART IS/WAS FIRST THEY USED MY BLOG NAMES, AFTER SLIGHTLY MODIFYING THEM OR OPENING THE SAME BLOGS UNDER OTHER WEBSITES. Then they started to contact my readers with great gusto from those ids or blogs, sharing all the articles I have written in which there is/was some thing which might brush someone in a wrong way. (I should meekly say that I am straight-forward, too straight-forward for my own sake, so I have sometimes written clear cut truth without any sweetness, that much I can assure you).

Say for example, they will forward all my articles showing sympathy to Palestine or Iraq to Hindu fanatics or some articles in which I have said something really harsh. It seemed their sole intention was to drag the name of my blogs in their insane ranting or blacklist them to as many people as possible.

As I wrote under three pseudonyms (apart from my own name) I got some of them myself, that’s why I knew that they were not normal bullies who harass only the writer by posting sick comments on blogs, they had more things in their sleeves.

Can’t deny they won the war, I stopped writing in MSN and using Windows Live blogs even though I was pampered to no end by the editing section of MSN. I stick to WordPress specifically because it gives me the IP Address of the people who post comments. Somehow I have a deep guts feeling that they will be linked to ONE SINGLE OFFICE. So they and other mischief makers don’t visit WordPress much.

They are the main reason why i always keep my friends informed about the blog sites i am using/not using. I hope my friends won’t ignore these words.

I don’t want them to be fooled by any troll or favour-seeker using my name. i recently even deleted a remote desktop connection file from my computer. I got suspicious because one of my readers was writing my unpublished poems after brushing them up, so I asked my blog friends how can that be possible! A friend generously told me that its impossible unless someone is connecting your computer via remote access, so I searched for Remote Access software in the computer, got one, googled it and google said “Either you or someone else is remote accessing your computer.” I deleted it. My monitor crashed (they might have been coincidence but that’s what happened) … As I am not a talented writer I believe someone was hacking my connection for some other purpose. Using those poems was most probably sign of over confidence. Or may be he/she must have thought I wont be able to solve the problem.

So… I WILL SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU WILL KEEP MY ABOVE WORDS IN MIND. There is another thing I will like to share with you apart from the above:



the list of my blogs in wordpress:

1. Sharmishtha Basu’s Poetries: : Mainly Poetries.
2. Thoughts: : Stories mainly.
3. My cyber novels: : novel, long stories, musings, cartoons etc
4. Window to my soul : : mainly form poetry
5. Sharmishtha Basu : : My haiku, piku, lanturne, tanka blog.
6. Ethereal heights: Celebrating peace and beauty.
7. Earth in black and white: – The real world.
8. Colours and words waltz: – poetry and paintings.
9. Daintypetals: – portfolio blog- no rigid contents.
10.And I dreamed….: – portfolio blog – again, no rigid contents.
11.Wing of dreams ..: – medley of stuffs
12.Ethereal paints..: – medley again – ONE REQUEST – If you send me your friendship invitation, please leave me a message here so I can know who you are…thanks a ton!

sharmishtha basu


31 thoughts on “THOUGHTS & WORDS

  1. Hello Trisha,

    Hoorah, I have found you! courtesy of Dom with his introduction to your blogging.

    I will read with interest your beautiful poetry that I have missed. I have attempted to write my blog address in the website box but I am not really sure if there is a full stop punctuation between lifeofaspiritwriter and the word blogspot.

    Lots of love

    • dearest tamasin,
      this is the best christmas gift for me! I am glad that you blog too. i will check your blog from suryagni. I should thank soulbro for this one too, i already have millions of reasons to be thankful to him. You all mean a lot to me. I simply cant tell how happy i am to see you here.

      with lots of love.

    • dearest gg,
      i think its my duty to let my friends know a few things about myself. so that they dont have to face any unpleasant thing.
      that blog is stacked with stories, most of them were written in past (2007-2008).
      with lots of love.

    • dear shakira,
      well i think there are some people who dislike happiness or happy people or those who spread happiness. 🙂
      with lots of affections,

  2. your work is always refreshing and unique, I never thought that anyone who would want to take yours as their own.
    shame on them.

    be easy!

    • when i started to first blog i knew that its impossible to save the things which we put online, so i dont fret about it. after seeing a few examples i stopped giving my best on net, its more like my practicing place, the best is kept for later.

      you will meet all type of people on internet.

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  4. Things like this can make some people turn away from the internet. Cyber bullying, while not a new phenomenon, generally goes unpunished, even when the culprits are known, or punishment is given, but it’s light. I guess in rare cases, perhaps, some are justly punished.

    • believe me they can make you scared to open your inbox or blog. in case of inbox you can block them but blogs? that is why lately i have completely diverted to WordPress.

      most of these people are not even punished in the slightest manner, normal people who are harassed by them wont even be able to nail them.

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  6. Oh, this is a terrible thing to happen. So sorry to read about it; and here you such a sweet person deserving of good things!

    I would disagree with your “As I am not a talented writer…” On the contrary, Trisha, I think yours is a lovely gift and am grateful to have opportunities to read your work.

    Poem on in peace and safety …

    • Thanks a lot Jamie, whenever persons like you compliment my simple poems i feel how wonderful your hearts are. Our group contains ace writers like you yet you all are so very sweet with amateurs like me.

      trolling is a nightmarish experience, that much i can tell you, esp if it is organized. I am happy to walk away from writing in msn, even though they were the one’s who encouraged me to write in first place. i have deepest gratitude for the editing section of msn and deepest horror for its readers.

  7. So sorry to hear about the bullying, hate emails, and the plagiarizing you have received. I hope it has changed for you. I think you are a great writer and you have so much to share.

    • they sometimes bugged me in my blogspot accounts, but did not tried any monkey business in WordPress. And I dont dare to write in msn any more, so they are past now.

  8. Hello dear Trisha, I read this post and am in awe of your courage and your commitment to keeping this space safe for all — yes there are trolls and not so pretty’s out there — but, with people like you having the courage to speak up and out, they do not win. can’t win because, while they might be able to steal a word or two here or there, connect a site here or there, they will never ever steal your spirit.

    You are too beautiful for them to see. Your truth is too powerful for them to hear.



  9. They did NOT win the war. If you write seven blogs you won because of that alone, that it brought you to WordPress, where your words soothe and give thought to your readers. It has shown your creativity, sensitivity and industrious nature, so no, they lost
    Thanks for touching my heart..

  10. Thanks for this ‘Thoughts & Words’, though written long back. Your simplicity and genuineness deserve praise. May all auspiciousness come upon you. My best wishes, Sharmishtha!

  11. dear Sharmi. i feel sorry for what you have gone through..
    yes WordPress allows you to moderate comments and to quite an extent has spam filter.
    but you should never stop writing you have this magic in your writing which keeps readers glued to ur posts. Negative feedback can make us emotionally weaker or help us improve our skills in a way.
    but i strongly request all readers to refrain from posting abusive comments.

    • very true- negative feedbacks can be toxic, or inspiring. I like constructive criticism- they work fine with me, for the rest I just delete them 🙂
      not because I hate criticism but because writing is my joy, I don’t want someone to pour acid in it

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