Saturday Slices 1.8.20

The ordinary girl from India

Ordinary girl
So suave and lovely inside
A heart full of love, tenderness
Eyes full of dream
Not of money but a true lover
A warm heart to which she could
Forever surrender
No car, no palace, red carpet
A young man who would be
A lot like her.
She was a girl of little value
In the terms of material world!
Born in a ordinary home
Brought up by simple people
She walked on earth
No paper wings attached
To make her soar the skies
In the real world her place was
In public buses and trains
Just an ordinary girl I mean.

He was an ordinary man.
Just like her, he too was born
Amongst the ordinary people
In a humble home was he too brought up!
He walked on earth dreamt of stars,
Their paths crossed each other
Every time they came out
To meet the world for myriad reasons
She often dreamt that he will stop
And talk to her, which will lead
To something special, sweet
He saw her every time, but ignored
Time went by, she with her empty pocket
Unable to bid for a good suitor
Ended up as a widower’s third wife,
He married an ugly fiend, but very rich
Even now they pass each other by every day
Both in their cars, miserable in hearts!
She aches to be on a bus with him,
he dreams of his beautiful secretary.

Sharmishtha Basu

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