Agnijaat Falgun 1425 Critique by Troy

Agnijaat Falgun 1425 Critique
By Troy David Loy
Agnijaat Book 8, Saraswatipuja 1425
Agnijaat Falgun 1425, February 2019

Vanakkam. I hope this Chaitra sees you all well. I’ve this time critique of Falgun 1425’s Agnijaat, so let’s do this!

Shubh Shivratri*
Here’s a pic of Lord Shiva meditating, accompanied by one of his attendant ghosts while a girl nearby fasts, hoping for good husband.

From the Quill of Femme Sole: Fight for my right!:
Here’s cartoon using stick figures of women with misplaced priorities on both sides of a debate. Why the dichotomy? Why not both sets of rights?

Hinduism and India – 3:
The authoress notes that Hinduism’s history is one of flourishing by adaptation to create a rising tide that raises all proverbial ships, other religions in India, for benign coexistence rather than strife. Hinduism’s proponents ought not to make their own faith disreputable! I agree.

Words of the Wisest 20
I find the notion of using one’s weakness as a strength a novel idea, and a useful one if you know how to do it, though that indeed takes wisdom to figure out!

Indian Raga Now: Nazia and Zohaib Hassan
Two more performers to put on my bucket list! I’ve found a link to Nazia’s piece, Boom Boom, here:

SPOTLIGHT ON – Simi Garewal
Actress and talk show hostess? She shares a few skills with a Britisher of Indian/Pakistani descent named Jameela Jamil whom I’ve watched before, suggested by Amita Patel on the podcast Inside Pop. Give them both a watch and a listen!
Sweet Memories – Ocean
I can sympathize with the authoress on this, and have good memories of being on the beaches in the next town over. Though in a world where we humans do nothing serious to avert climate change, rising sea levels are making coasts creep ever inland!

This festival suggests to me an old warning when wishing badly enough for something:you just might get what you ask for!

Theme for Falgun: Friendship
One: an image of two close friends, holding hands amidst the fires of hell.
Two: Two close friends coversing, each basking in the other’s company.
Three: ian image with verse of two women together, maybe on beach, maybe on rooftop, with the top of a palm frond in the background.
Four: 7×2 diamond verse, on the value of stalwart friends who support us.
Five: story of an injured sprite, found by a young girl, and recovered by its fellow faerie folk.
Six: Here’s verse on non-judgmental friends, who stay together in rough times.
Seven: This is a piece on the contrast between friends and lovers, and why friends are often better in the long term.

Fir Milenge*
This shows a girl standing at the shore of the ocean, watching the tide come in. I like the color palette used with this one!

Circle…. it never ends…*
This one uses an image of four oval framed pics, each with a girl’s hand holding flower blossoms of various sorts! This one stands out nicely!

That’s it for Chaitra, 1425! I’ll be back next month to review Agnijaat, and so, in Soruggon…
…Talotaa frang. Talotaa kas. Talotaa tranga suulaat.
And in Tamil……Vanakkam.

One thought on “Agnijaat Falgun 1425 Critique by Troy

  1. i love your enthusiasm, they say, it’s said, God is strongest when you are at your weakest, have a very creative week. If you want, i can send you a story for your ezine, be blessed

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