Saturday Slices 2.6.18

Musegames 9.7.14


The fisherman could not believe his own eyes. The orca directly came to his boat and overturned it. Then it dragged him under like a rag doll.

It dragged him till he almost died and then released him. When his friends told him that the whales in that area has gone loco he did not believed them. He straightened his boat and rowed like his tail on fire.

It started right after they captured two baby orcas and sold them too an entertainment park.

Are whales learning from human beings to settle scores?


“Brazen greed of those two legged things that were born last in this planet is ruining our homes.” The mother orca told her youngest kid, she was the matriarch of the pod.

“Their greed knows no reign they have defiled the earth, now it is ocean they are ruining.”

“Don’t worry, we have sent petition, their creators are coming for them. Soon they will be chastised.”

“They think that they have killed their God, their creator or they are just imagination… wait till they show up!”


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