Saturday Slices 26.5.18

Musegames 30.7.14


Peace was all he wanted after all those years battling against one army after the other. When the bombs exploded all around him, his nostrils filled up with the pungent stench of blood and gunpowder he has begged for silence and peace.

Now his world is surrounded by trees, swans and other birds, thousands of them.

How peacefully they co-exist. If only human beings could learn something from them.

Some creatures never learn. Especially human beings!


She stood watching him, from under the shadow of the woods, slowly getting darker.

That man was shrewd.

So many times she has hoped he will come down on her beach, for a little rest… it’s been so many years since she has tasted human flesh.

But he never does, he rows his boat at a respectful distance from her beach.

She stands there, watching him, almost every day, her yellow and black striped body perfectly camouflaging with the surroundings.


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