Saturday Slices 19.5.18

Musegames 23.7.14


“All you will have to do is crawl inside my tummy and get that bag….” The monster said in an innocent voice. “I wont eat you…. Ow!!! It hurts!!!”

He was out in mountains with his sheep, he heard a strange moaning sound coming from a cave, he entered it thinking it was the wind but on his way back he was stopped by this monster, there was no way he could run past it because it was blocking the path, there was no choice for him but to listen to it.

It opened it mouth, it almost reached the cave ceiling, he could see inside his throat, it was as big as the cave itself. The monster said it swallowed a merchant a few centuries ago, he was carrying a bag full of jewels and gems, ever since it is having these terrible tummy aches.

He prayed to God and entered its mouth.

Snap… and burp…it sucks to get old and feeble, the monster thought, you have to become sly if you want to live.


Death… that is what he saw in the face of the shark, a few inches away from his boat! It looked just like his boss…

“If you want to work for me get your lazy *** out in the sea now!” He has growled, even though the television was broadcasting about cyclonic weather.

“Boss… what if the storm hits? Do you think the boat will hold stormy weather?”

“Don’t give me your lazy excuses…” he has bared his teeth like a rabid dog… or that shark that was trying to get him.

His boss’s dear trawler was thousand feet under the ocean, the storm hit furiously, right in the middle of ocean; he of course was the only man out in the ocean.

The shark bared it teeth again… it seemed to him it was mocking him.

A ladder fell in front of him, he heard a shout, “catch it before you become fish food” he heard a loud shout.


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