Spirits of Darkness and Light #BookTalk

God bless you my dear friend!


Sudeep shares his secret with us, how he became king of darkness:

I reached the fort at about six in the evening, it was yet to get dark but the wind was howling, all around it and through the broken walls, gaps of no longer existing windows and doors!

It had to be stormy tonight of all nights! The only night I could manage to sneak out from that jail. Dad’s face loomed in my mind! If only that slave-driver knew! I was not studying… was spending my night in “haunted fort”!

There was no chance of watching the waves kissing full moon, not tonight! This storm is going nowhere, with every passing minute it was intensifying, lightning was slicing the sky and thunder was adding its roar to howls of the wind.

Nope, sorry to break your heart I was not scared. I do not believe in ghosts!


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