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Hey! This year is going to be renewal year for my books, story books except “The charons”, I will be rewriting the kindle versions, the createspace versions will be same, if you buy the createspace books you will get the new kindle books for free. Till then, a little discount for you to celebrate Bengali New Year with me. That will be on 14th April 2017.

The journey will start with : The child of woods’s Kindle copy only.

THE CHILD OF WOODS 2.4.17 TO 9.4.17

2.4.17 8 A.M. PST TO 4.4.17 1 PM PST 0.99$
4.4.17 1 PM PST TO 6.4.17 6 PM PST 1.99$
6.4.17 6PM PST TO 9.4.17 12 AM PST 2.99$


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Excerpts from the book:
Child of woods

The ground below the trees was covered with autumn leaves, gently crunching and breaking under her feet.

She looked around her, most of the trees were shedding they looked sparse like an infant’s head, with light hair. A deep sigh escaped her. It’s been more than ten years since her marriage, years of trying bore no result. Now her heart has accepted the truth that she will never have a child of her own.

She loved children so much… so very much wanted to have a child of her own…

The woods opened up on the banks of a small pond, the water was blue like the sky above, small big rocks were scattered all around her. She selected a comfortable one and sat down.

There was a small hut across the pond. She could see no movement outside but a thin smoke was rising out of the chimney.

She started to walk towards it curious about people who lived there, she started to hear a baby crying when she reached near, she called out but no one came out even when she reached the small porch.

The door was open.

“Hello!” she called out again, “Is someone here?”

There was no answer. She stepped in hesitantly.

A small baby, barely six months old was lying in a crib; his little face was red with anger, and frustration.

She picked him up and held him against her bosom, he was hungry she could tell that, so she started to look for some milk and found it in the kitchen, she fed him and he fell asleep.

She placed him back to the crib and started to wait for the mother.

Soon it was evening, but no one showed up.

She picked up the baby and left a note with her address, requesting the parents to collect the baby from her home that was barely an hour’s walk from here.

“From where did you get the child?” her husband was shocked. “You will land us both in jail.”

“No! I already talked with the police; I have left a message in that hut too, in case someone returns they can take him from us.” Snigdha said, “I could not leave him there! What if a wolf or some other animal heard him crying?”

“Sorry darling, I guess you did the right thing.” He patted her shoulder.

No one came for him. Either they were dead or he was deserted.

He started to grow up under her loving care.

Not everyone was that happy.

She and her husband had quite a nice amount of land and other properties, both were above fifty and a handful of their relatives were hoping for their early demise, or the chances of their adopting one of their kids as their child and leave their property with that kid.

Everything went down the drain when Snigdha returned home with that kid. They adopted him after a year when no one showed up to claim him.

He was named Aranyak, his parents called him Aru.

Little Aranyak was everyone’s pet he was a sweet, playful and loving kid, about to turn three next month.

His parents celebrated his homecoming day as his birthday.

He was playing in the garden with some of his friends and then he just disappeared.

Snigdha and Mahim combed the garden and then the villagers joined them, they combed the entire area inch by inch there was no sign of him. It was getting dark when they reached the forest.

Most of the villagers backed off but some stayed with the frantic parents, they entered the woods, hollering his name.

All of a sudden they heard a song- a divine song, no one has heard a song like that in their entire life….they followed the song, hoping to find the singer and ask her if she has seen the kid. If she was brave enough to move around the forest in darkness then she might have noticed Aru too.

They reached the hut… the song abruptly stopped… they stepped inside- Aru was sleeping on the floor. The hut was empty like the day Snigdha found him in it.


She picked him up and hugged him to her heart. Thanked God that the child was unharmed. In the heart of her heart she thanked the invisible singer who led them to Aru.

They returned home and became more cautious about the young one. Time started to pass normally.

Sometimes, late at night, she felt she heard someone singing from Aru’s room, lullabies in a sweet voice. But whenever she went out to his room it was always empty except Aru sleeping peacefully with a happy smile on his face.

The windows nicely bolted from inside.

Well, he was one of those children that never made a fuss, she never had a single second of discomfort caused by him, all those stories she has heard about tantrums of kids and their fussy ways seem surreal.

There were only one or two things that bothered her a bit, that voice that sang him lullabies, even though she was half convinced that she dreamt about them, and another thing, it seemed Aru’s imaginary friends were more real than the imaginary friends of other kids of his age.

After all, he was barely three years old now, how could he imagine about imaginary friends! She heard him talking with them, playing with them, laughing and pouting at them all the time.

He treated them so normally that sometimes she feared that she may end up seeing them….

It was his fifth birthday.

She went to his room. They were to take him to one of the most auspicious temples in nearby town, to have him blessed. He was not in the room… she went out and checked the entire house he was nowhere…

This time something told her where he was and she went straight to the hut.

He was sitting on the porch when she reached there; he stood up and ran to meet her when he noticed her.

“What are you doing here Aru?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“They asked me to come here!” he answered calmly.

“Who asked you to come here son?”

“My friends…!”


“Where are they?” she asked, trying hard to not sound alarmed.

“There…there and there…” he pointed his chubby fingers towards at least half a dozen points nearby.

A sense of uneasiness entered her heart and a shiver ran down her spine. “I can’t see anybody Aru… there is no one here but us!”

“You won’t be able to see them mommy.” He answered solemnly.

“Why son…?”

“They don’t want you to see them….”

“Oh! Let’s go back home son.” She grasped his chubby arm firmly.

“Okay!” he smiled and then turned his face towards the hut, “Bye!”

She looked at his angelic face, he was so beautiful! Did not look like a creature of earth, glowing skin, a head full of curls, huge eyes, perfect face and body….

All he needed was a pair of wings to join Cupid’s cherubs.

Later that night she was serving Mahim dinner, Aru was asleep after the exhaustions of the day.

“Mahim I am really a bit worried… is something wrong with Aru or something is really stalking him?” She told him everything that has happened.

“I had a bundle of imaginary friends when I was a child. I too used to make excuses, pass the blame of my mischief on them…” he shrugged.

“He talks so naturally with them, about them, as if they really are there….” She said, the scene of the morning flashed in her mind and a soft shadow of apprehension hovered on her happy face.

“Don’t worry yourself to real problem Snigdha.” He patted her arm softly. “If his imaginary friends were real you would have seen some sign by now, have you seen anything unnatural but his prattling?”

She agreed that she has not seen anything unnatural and with that the sense of calm returned substantially.


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