Agnijaat Falgun, February Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Falgun Critique
Indian Raga NOW:
With actors Ranveer Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan and singer Himesh Reshammiya, this
month’s media stars will prove fun to watch and listen to online. Over the past few years
I’ve been honing my taste in Indian movies and music. The talents of these three will be
a good addition to that.

As men wish…;
The treatment of women in India has often involved being controlled, including the
shameful practice of marrying them to foreign enemies, and forcing their adherence to
alien customs that affront their dignity.

Invasion in bedrooms?
Hmmm. Police using drones? When usable in the context of peeping into peoples’
windows and spying on them, this brings privacy violations to a new level, a dangerous
one, in my view. It smacks of totalitarianism no matter the state.

There are harmless lies and there are sinister, evil lies:
Humans are both moral angels and devils in one, at least in principle, and in some of
us, the moral devil wins out. Here is a warning of what happens in the wake of corrupt
governance and its effect on people.

BHAKTI SAINTS: Ramanuja – Glimpses of Indian History:
An excellent look into a prominent figure of Medieval Indian sainthood, whose teachings
have with little doubt had a far-reaching influence.

Story Time:
Two features this time: A Love Story and The Protest: both of these were good reads,
taking unexpected directions as they played out.

As a spring festival, this is perhaps one of the most delightful, and one of my favorite
Indian holidays. It is shameful that nothing of its like exists in my country!

Of these, the following really stood out for me: A flower, Your eyes, A harbour, A rose,
Stay, and Sita. I wish the doggerel I wrote back in 2006 was even half as good as these!

Few cartoons for you:
These were fun! My favorite was ‘I want to eat the world,’ which reminds me of a
terrifyingly powerful politician with tiny hands and a thin skin.


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