What is this new prank of wordpress?

I am posting comments and after hitting the enter they are just vanishing, earlier wordpress used to say that “your comments are awaiting moderation” what happened to that feature?

It is quite annoying to sit and muse if your comment went through! Because I have had this experience in past, I used to post comments and then later discover that they did not get posted, wordpress ate them up!

Same thing is about “follow button”- number one their new style of dancing with the mouse to capture the follow button is extremely annoying, as if that was not enough! I click the follow button, it starts following, gives me the message too, and then when I click the next post it is unchecked! fantastic, eh?

I really hate another feature of wordpress – new one, that we have to MANUALLY empower our pages to accept comments, now, why will I NOT WANT COMMENTS IN MY PAGES?

It is quite annoying to discover a month or two later that you have forgotten to enable the comments in pages!


15 thoughts on “What is this new prank of wordpress?

  1. Hello ma’am. . I am facing similar problems. The comments which I make on other blogs move to their spam. Sometimes they pass and sometimes they don’t show up. I told this to my friend and he told me to contact Akismet. They said they will resolve my issues soon.

    Have a good time. 🙂

  2. My friend I have had problems with wordpress too! Sometimes i am following, but the persons posts do not come through! I was having tech problems today also with a new website. I will be over this weekend, and look forward to sharing.

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