Python to Fawn…Motherhood is me!

A lost fawn was fumbling
walking around in circles,
his mother was gone..
he knew not where.
As he stood by a rock
it suddenly moved,
it lifted its head,
looked at him.
The fawn jumped backwards,
involuntary action,
the snake hissed in raspy voice,
fear not me little one!
Ah! I am a mother after all,
like the one you lost…
I give birth by dozens,
not one or two like your kind,
so you see, my dear,
I am filled with parental expertise!
come here, let me help you,
tell me your woes,
I will unite thee with your mother!
crooned in a raspy voice the serpentine.
the gullible fawn went to her,
hoping for comfort.
the last words the crafty snake said were,
“You will unite your mother little one,
inside my belly!”


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