If only we could!

If only we could
filter all the negative vibes
and the garbage spilled out
by the dumb people
who truly believe it is smart
to spill out all the garbage
and filth they can online
using fake names and ids
thinking they are so smarter
than us the average idiots
who prefer not to do them!
the only idiot they are fooling
are themselves!
Still we wish, don’t we?
We could use some filter to
keep those dustbins out of
our beautiful gardens?

😉 Seems like some dustbins at least have found their way in wordpress, which was blissfully ignorant of these ***** earlier, this is the tragedy of world… butterflies will never flitter around human beings and it is next to impossible to shoo away flies and mosquitos. 😉

if only we could use mosquito/insect nets in reader… ha!


4 thoughts on “If only we could!

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