“I write like” thinks I write like Margaret Mitchell

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Well, from the blog of one of my author friends in Haiku Horizon I discovered this fun spot, “I write like” the site allows you to add some of your writing and then tells what they think of it, of course I thoroughly enjoyed one hour there, and though I double checked (suspicious kind) they gave the same results for my writing. I will be sharing them with you, if you don’t mind my gloating!

The maximum votes went for Stephen King and Leo Tolstoy, 4+4 out of 22 went for these two writers. I felt like flying by the way I was done.

this piece, well, they think that it is like Margaret Mitchell, its a story from my book Black Mist and other Stories


Mitesh was standing at the window. A gloomy winter morning was about to dawn, tearing the veil of dark fog, so likely for…

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