Why people hate reality these days?

Because of these overzealous “protectors” of reality I guess,
who masticate on fresh sandwiches and wonder if they will add
a little more pepper and salt in it to enhance the taste,
while their fingers busily “reblog” or “share”
stories of grisly atrocities, which people really don’t enjoy
to be shoved down their gullet as they look for some respite
from real life troubles, into the pages of magazines or social media,
they came down tumbling like rotten water oozing out of a tap
filling up the cup that was stretched out to quench thirst.
While the suppliers of the cup think their duty is done
and move on, maybe to hunt some prey or paint their faces with makeup
to meet a brand new day!
This overdose of “reality” everywhere is making people allergic I fear!
Can’t they just be human beings?
Had they been, they would not have been this eagerly masticating
suffering of others!


8 thoughts on “Why people hate reality these days?

  1. You are very right. We tend to run away from things, pretending everything is all fine and hunky-dory. Life is no plate of flawless romance, amazing sex and strawberry kissing. We must face things that people like us are facing.

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