Thursday Introspections 17.12.15

do you think these comments are bizarre?? Read the comments left by mysterious reader, “gone girl” well, I will say it is a fantastic name to chose too, those who have seen the movie “Gone girl” in which Rosamund Pike falsely frames her innocent husband for her murder. It seems she is trying to say ME something, right? But she wont! wow! Then why leave these comments?? To confuse others?

I remember a woman who was called a “thief” by lot of bloggers once left a comment in one of my posts “It is mine” and when I asked her repeatedly what she meant by that remark she did not responded.

I hope this will not be the case here! And my mysterious reader will share her true identity and enlighten me if SHE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY AT ALL.

The Lotus of Fire

Why honesty is the best policy? Because dishonest people no matter how much treasure they gather are never at peace, they always despise honest people and try to harm, tarnish them, they are like raving dogs, ignore them or not they will destroy anything/everything they can. The darkness of their own soul engulfs them and those around them. They may party in five star hotels but will never know the taste of bliss.

Honest people on the other hand know that in this wicked time they will most probably never get their worth but still they are happy because they did not joined devil’s brigade and caused further harm to human civilization. No wonder those who know this stay honest.

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