When I say…

When I say gremlins are at me
believe me!
it aint no conspiracy theory
believe me!
They are trying to kill me
or drive me insane
believe me!
The minute I sit down
with the holy intention in heart
to do some blogging
they attack me!
they dance inside my computer
I can hear their horrid song
and their insane dancing
makes my computer sweat
it sweats so hard
that I have to turn the fan on,
or else it just faints!
now, tell my dear, how long will I last?
if the fan throws icy wind at my head
for hours at a stretch?
Well that aint enough for those crooks,
they crash every website I try to access,
a thousand times I try
still they don’t open
their hot favorite targets are my closest friends,
read your names clear and loud,
Ngobesing, Charlie and Vish,
believe me, it is your love that makes me try
again and again and again and again
otherwise I would have just thrown the computer
outside the window and forgotten that I ever blogged!
made friends in blogosphere!

Believe it or not (there is no reason why you should not) my internet is back to its ****self, to add up it is not opening Charlie’s blog, that is a bad symptom, very bad symptom because his blog always opens!

So, believe me I am trying to keep my blogs alive! Do give me another month I will fix my internet problems by then! Pray for me though!

Love n hugs.


4 thoughts on “When I say…

  1. Oh my…those gremlins there continue to keep you busy trying to resolve the internet and computer problems…I truly hope you get them resolved soon and things settle down for awhile…keep writing my friend!

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