Customer care… really? – November articles

Customer care…. sounds so sweet, does not it? But do these services really give a hoot to “customers”? I doubt that!

I have to tackle a few versions of them in recent time, due to going to Hyderabad and returning back to Kolkata again and the problem with internet in the intermediate time, which is back again, since last week.

some were good, like the customer care of amazon, createspace and Vodafone.

some were nightmare like the customer care of, they make you create an account, then allow you to add your blogs, then keep showing that the “blog is not responding” and finally when you email them the email bounces back! instantly, mailer-daemon or whatever blab does that for Microsoft instantly shoves your email back to your face with failure report.

some were bad like wordpress- number one, I could not discover any mailing address where I could write an email to contact them and tell them my problem so I tried the forums and they did have my problem but no solution. My problem was and I think it still is that whenever I am trying to save my password I am being told that “nickname” is missing- full stop! No clarification what the f*** is this “nickname” or how the f*** can one add one, no sir! simply final statement like emperor of universe and then the password is not accepted.

These things keep showing up in wordpress, its phone version is purgatory and now either wordpress or my internet connection is back to its drama stage, it is not opening webpages, including mine.

Whatever happened to when “customers” could simply write an email to another human being? They should either return that facility or omit the “care” from their label, it is more like “customer nightmare” than “care”.

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