shocking viewers is easy… November articles

Being an avid viewer of horror movies I really pity the present directors, excepting a few of course, who know the art of shooting a horror movie.

These amateurs don’t understand or don’t care about the simple truth that gothic is not horror, to create a true horror movie a lot of skill is needed, not everyone can create one, whereas gothic movies? I think anyone with a little unsettled brain can make one. Even those who walk around with handycams and torment us with their “found footage” movies.

Well, we get these directors, writers, they will of course say that they don’t create movies for skeptics, they create movies for viewers who will watch, boo and forget, the minute they walk out of the theater they will forget the name of the movie.

What about those directors who create movies and call themselves artists and others call them too! I was watching a movie yesterday, could not suffer the garbage spilling out of the mouth of the man who was a colonel or something warming up the recruits and left the room.

What exactly was the point of the director for filling our ears with that filthiest garbage that just kept going on and on? ranting like a raving lunatic? Well I think lunatics have a cleaner tongue.

There are lot of ways to shock audiences if you have talent, if you don’t have it you certainly will try perversion, vulgarity and profanity.

These are the directors that make you happy that you were not sitting in a theater, where you had to either suffer the whole movie or walk out of the theater, angry and robbed.

I remember doing that in one Hindi movie, I was quite angry too because it was pocket money days back then. Buying a movie ticket and walk out within fifteen minutes was too much back then!


3 thoughts on “shocking viewers is easy… November articles

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