Politeness is not a weakness – November articles

This is something Kolkata shop-keepers can learn from shop owners of Hyderabad. How beautiful politeness is and how much it helps you in your business, in case you want to run it.

Honestly, I have never met such well behaved shop owners in my life, after living all over the north India, the worst are Kolkata shopkeepers, they are sometimes so rude that you wont put your foot in their shop again. I remember quite a handful from Garia, I entered their shop once and did not placed my foot second time, why? Because I am miserly when it comes to buying dresses, I spend as little as I can and these shopgirls (yups they were all shopgirls, boys are better behaved them) most probably are empresses who serve only tycoons, boy are they nasty or what! They certainly can make you feel like beggars.

Well I shopped with exactly same budget in Hyderabad, and the shop owner made me feel like I am buying his shop, not a clothe piece of 300 rupee, sorry, that was my budget ;p 150 rupee from two prints. There is one thing shopkeepers forget that customers are not beggars, they will merrily desert them.

There were two more shops I regularly visited in Hyderabad, a Balaji Sweets, (their potato chips and besan ka laddu are divine, absolutely divine) and a nameless small grocery shop. I remember the owners, and will for the rest of my life, they always folded their hands and treated me like queen 🙂 no, my budget never exceeded 500 rupee, mostly it was 2 to 3 hundred.

Well, though they did not earned a lot of money from me but whatever I shopped I shopped from them. That is the magic of beautiful behavior.

Politeness and gratitude is not weakness, it shows you have a beautiful soul. So till someone forces you to do otherwise try them and see how wonderfully they work with majority.


10 thoughts on “Politeness is not a weakness – November articles

  1. How do such people stay in business? If they have the only shop like that perhaps they feel they don’t need to be polite but I expect there are many shops like theirs.

  2. “Politeness is the oil that greases society,” or so I’ve heard. These shopkeepers would seem to ignore that in the interests of choosing their customer base than the converse.

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