Honestly, sometimes I think I maybe paranoid! ;p

I shared my wardrobe match in Hyderabad with you guys before, how a woman in a nearby house had too similar taste of dress, two of her dresses were exactly like mine.

There was another one, in a nearby house, who had exactly same maxi as me, and there was another in my building, who lived in third floor, who has exactly the same print of the short skirts I make for myself to wear under maxis, now this one was creepy, because she too had made almost the same thing with her cloth.

Another creepy thing was most probably half of Hyderabad was using my ex-ringtone for smses, I used it for a month in Garia Place, few sharp whistles, so that I could hear them from anywhere in the house! ha! soon I started to hear them outside, in the street, someone who regularly frequented my landlord was using that ringtone, so naturally I changed the ringtone, but the other person obviously did not, the thing did not ended there, it haunted me during my entire stay in Hyderabad, initially I used to leave my phone at home when I went anywhere but then I had to go to cybercafé and phone refill a few times, had to carry the phone and those whistles started haunting again. Especially when I was in cybercafés, now it is not possible to know whose phone is whistling but it certainly was whistling from the café, and started after my settling down there and starting my work.

Finally when I returned to Kolkata, my actual seat number was 35 but there were only men in the surrounding seats so one of them offered me to exchange his seat, I went to seat no. three, there was only one woman in that four seater, and she had that ringtone, she was coming from Hyderabad to Kolkata of course. In my entire life I have rarely seen such weird creatures, hope our paths will not cross again, to travel for more than twenty four hours with a person who is not even the least friendly is too much! Anyways, even if I had any intentions of being friendly with her her ringtone somehow spooked me off!

Do you ever come across too many people using your ringtone?


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