Beautiful birds and creatures… November articles.

banshpati 6.11.15 IMG_0002 FS

Today’s article is “Give nature an inch and receive your yard!”

The flat in which I am living now is nature lover’s heaven, it cant be called anything else. I wake up in the morning and cant wait to open my windows and balcony door to step out. They are up before me, still sleepy but up and filling up the morning sky with their songs.

It is amazing and sad to realize that if we give nature an inch she returns a mile to us! God bless those who own that stretch of land surrounding this housing complex. These pretty ones live here, we Bengalis call them banshpati because they do blend in with bamboo groves, where they are mostly found.

The more pleasing thing is they are not that scared of human beings, actually I think they are quite curious about us, I of course am walking around with my camera, today morning I was taking picture of a butterfly, I lifted my head and noticed another bird, we call it finge sitting on the roof of an adjacent building, keenly watching me, from ten feet or so distance, s/he was sitting on a wire before and most probably came there to eat the butterfly. eh?

Honestly the builders who are yet to build their highrises should spend a night or two in our housing and realize how much a good number of trees can give to homes.

To have birds around you will have to plant trees that will feed them, trees with fruit, flowers, especially the natural flora, because they will invite natural fauna.

Have a blessed evening/day whatever might be approaching! Love.


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