Articles in November: A suggestion for builders of high-rises


Well, everyone is writing nanowrimo this month, so no stories or poems, I will try something new for me, an article every day, they wont be in the same blog though, scattered all over my blogs, because I am afraid I will be dancing around the blogs till I am up to date and somehow I am quite sure that November will be over dancing around.

So, today’s article, feel free to tell me what you think of it!

” A suggestion for builders of high-rises”

How much it will take? Most probably very little, maybe 1 or 2 % of the entire plot bought by the promoters to build highrises for residential purpose.

Well, those building office buildings may skip the idea but those who are building homes may seriously think about it, for the sake of their flat owners, residents and mother earth.

The housing in which I am living now is surrounded by a plot owned by someone else, and quite unlike most empty plots of Kolkata it is quite beautifully maintained, full of trees and believe me or not, dozens of birds and animals, who roam there without being bothered.

Actually, I have seen/heard some birds and quite rare animals there, animals, birds I thought have vanished from Kolkata.

The very night I entered the house, on 1st november I heard an owl, I thought that they have all deserted Kolkata, yesterday I saw a reptile, I don’t know it’s english name it is called Gosap in bengali, It looks like a huge lizard, the one I saw in that garden was atleast twenty kg.

Noise pollution is almost zero here, the most common sound is birdcall and the sound of their rustling through leaves. The air is cool, a bit chilly that courtesy goes to the trees. They have soaked in the poisonous fumes and given us cool, clean air I believe.

So if these promoters do the same, dedicate just 1-2% of the plot to trees, I think most residents will bless them for that! So will mother earth.


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