Saturday Slices 10.10.15

In that piece of land I have told you umpteenth time that started after the officer’s colony and ended in the next railway station there were one too many delightful things for kids, I have only seen peacocks and velvet bugs (that name is given by me, don’t know their original name), these bugs looked like ladybugs but their wings were covered by soft velvety thing, they just looked like velvet made bugs alive and in brilliant red colour.

They used to come up in hundreds after rain, rain was not very common affair in Tundla, so we too used to be outdoors when it fell 🙂

We used to catch these bugs but they used to vanish overnight, most probably they used to just burrow back into ground and disappear for us!

I remember my eldest brother, he was really talented from young age for sure, created a glass cage for them, filled up a cement tub with soil and then created a glass cover for it, like an upside down aquarium, but tada! history repeated itself, they vanished overnight.

They dug up the soil but they were gone, most probably they escaped through the water escape duct of the tub, at least that is what they assumed.

Anyway, I will never forget these pretty bugs. 🙂


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