170×170 day 160 7.10.15 a few of my favorite things

Ocean, I think I was a whale, dolphin or maybe a mermaid in my past life. Lo! I don’t believe in one, then we all are born from ocean, so that must be the primitive bonding that draws me to it!

I just LOVE ocean, I first saw it when I was eighteen, after my class ten board examination mother took us to Digha, I will never forget when I first saw ocean, I was disappointed, I have seen blue waves with white foam in movies, here it was a golden green huge body of water churning, foaming!

Then that disappointment transformed into deep love, I just felt like crying when we had to leave after a week, even after returning to Burdwan I could hear its roar in traffic, and missed it even more!

The second time was in Puri, in 1992, now Puri ocean is the copybook ocean, blue huge waves, white foams but I loved them both, Bengalis usually wrinkle their noses at Digha but not me sir!



2 thoughts on “170×170 day 160 7.10.15 a few of my favorite things

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