170×170 day 158 5.10.15 a few of my favorite things

Greenery- I love green in nature, everywhere, even the moss, I remember caressing them when no one was around, they look really beautiful, don’t they? Their green is very beautiful and so is their velvety soft.

Nothing can beat the beauty of a piece of land covered totally in luscious green for me, not even the prettiest garden.

Our Burdwan house’s garden was highly fertile, I can guess why, my family must have brought the soil from our fields, but whatever the reasons might have been, one splash of rain covered it up in green, grass, vines everything showed up and made that place a green heaven.

When I returned there after concrete jungle of Delhi I fell in love, instantly, the first morning I stood in the balcony and watched that garden, covered in green and rain drops scattered on them.

That love will never go! It was really tough for me to de-weed that garden, that was a must and we did it mostly, and it truly pained.



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