Saturday Slices 3.10.15

Peacocks are a memory I carried away from Tundla, there were lot of peacocks in Tundla, courtesy goes to the huge stretch of land that was partially barren and partly cultivated that stretched to next railway station about six or seven kilometers away from the outskirts of officer’s colony.

I first saw a peacock dance in Tundla and even now when I think I can see him dancing. My elder siblings used to take me and my younger brother when they took the dogs for a stroll in that stretch, and often quite logically tried to ditch us, it was one of those days I think, I was running to see if I could catch them when I saw him dancing, there is something absolutely magical about that dance, that soft shiver in his magnificent plumes as he dances… divine!

There was a Neem tree in our garden, that was bent creating a 90 degree angle above the gravel road that went to our gate, a peacock once tried building nest in that, they used to come daily and after that most probably very wisely ditched the plan 🙂

My elder siblings once managed a ladder to catch some baby owls, of course the minute my father saw those poor things in cage he ordered them to set them free. 🙂

Owlets are really cute though… I love the way they cock their heads at us, as if they are listening and understanding us!

So lucky peacocks I will say!


8 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 3.10.15

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