170×170 day 152 29.9.15 dark stories

They were childhood friends, doted after one another, love of that proportion is rare to found. They thought that God kept a watch for their love, well someone else to eyed that affection, and was waiting for a chance.

For one celestial minute God got occupied with something else and the green goblin stepped in, in one second he replaced one of the friends with one of his minions and started to watch, he loved it, meddling with God’s plans and especially with those She had for her favorite children.

One of them was still a devoted friend, looking up at the other like he was an angel straight from heaven, could never do him any harm, could not even dream of doing anything like that.

Well the minion was nothing from heaven, he was from exactly the opposite place, so he acted just like that, he made arrangements that his prey ends up at his place, hell.

When God returned everything was ruined , the culprit goblin was gone.


2 thoughts on “170×170 day 152 29.9.15 dark stories

  1. well, you know the inspiration, I often wonder if an evil, cunning man uses lookalikes like this, how deadly the consequences will be on the innocents, those who will think that s/he is the noble person they have known for years!

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