170×170 day 150 27.9.15 dark stories- & THE 150th Post ;)

In public eyes they were sworn enemies, bayed for each other’s blood, there was no mingling, even formal between the two clans.

But behind all that curses and bellowing they worked for the same boss, in his chamber they were just two hunting dogs.

Why did they act otherwise in open? Well, that was an idea of their master, a genius of criminal activities. That gave them excuses to do the worst evil for their boss, under the disguise of “blind hatred”.

Ssuppose Mr. Das fell for a girl (who incidentally was a whistleblower) now Mr. Mandal, his arch enemy vented his frustration on that poor woman, Mr. Das retaliated, Mr. Mandal was not able to touch Mr. Das but hey! He could easily touch his beloved, because that woman knew nothing of their enmity, she was a peachy tool to settle each and every score on Mr. Das, so he did that!

He not only had his clan to help but some strangers too sympathized with his fake sob-story.



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