170×170 day 140 17.9.15 dark stories

He entered her life, not directly, indirectly, invisibly to destroy her, her sin was she refused to marry his psycho brother, who could not accept the simple truth that love may not be reciprocated and killed himself. He stayed invisible but pulled every possible string with his money to ensure that her life becomes a living hell.

Some people get tired and move on, some change with time see their own mistake but most probably his brother’s insanity was present in him too, so he stayed for years, to ensure that everything she touches, or tries to touch gets destroyed.

Then when he became confident that he has destroyed her he moved on, maybe he was a bit bored. He never saw the car that hit him, when he woke up he was paralyzed waist below.

Within six month he was penniless and his life was more barren than hers, and more tormenting because the friends, family that deserted him- he believed that they were the reason for his living.



2 thoughts on “170×170 day 140 17.9.15 dark stories

    • It is loosely based on a horror movie, only I turned the ghostly part into human part. In that a man butchers the family that refuses to give their daughter/sister to his brother, then their ghosts exact the revenge thirty or so years later.

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