Saturday Slices 19.9.15

When I was a child a teacher used to come to our home to give tuition, I will never forget that teacher, guess I had a big mutual rapport with teachers from childhood 🙂

He was a very kind man, he never punished us roughly, all he delivered as punishment to my really disobedient elder brother was he had to take his classes standing, was not allowed to sit.

The solid foundation of English, Bengali, hindi and math that I have the credit goes to my father and this teacher, Ramnagina Srivastava, the dedication with which he taught us was amazing! Remember one thing back then teachers used to get nada for (almost) teaching yet they were so dedicated, I have no inkling how much father paid him for tuitions but must have been very little, because our family had no inkling of luxury in it!

I wonder what he used to think- we used to wait for him at the gate, we could see him from far because there was no obstacle between the railway crossing from which he used to cross and our gate, and wait for him.

The second he used to place his hand on gate we used to whine in chorus, “sir we wont study today!”

He always used to say OK and then enter, coax us to study and leave after a good session!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 19.9.15

  1. I would have loved having a kind teacher to come to my home and teach me when I was younger. I was so shy that public school with all those kids and teachers made me quite frightened sometimes.

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