Saturday Slices 12.9.15

My childhood was never about money and luxuries that a doctor could buy for his kids, I don’t know why, not curious to know or don’t have any grudge about it why it was that way.

We studied in a Railway school, in Hindi medium though there was a good English medium school there where most of the kids of officer’s colony studied.

I remember school not very vividly but some hazy memories have stayed with me, the school in Tundla, I have almost forgotten about the schools in Etawah.

I was really, really eager to go to school, my younger brother was four years junior to me, so he was almost invisible when I started school at eight or nine years of age I think, I used to see that my siblings leaving in the morning packing bags and somehow I formed the opinion that school was some place really funny, cool, good that my first school did not shattered that idea. 🙂

Teachers back then did not played the role of nanny, governess cum teacher like today’s teachers but they were more teachers, they maintained discipline and allowed the kids to be mostly. So I really don’t have much negative memories from my school in Tundla, where I studied for 4 and a half year, BTW that is the longest span of time I have spent in one school or academic institution ;p


4 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 12.9.15

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